Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

For more than a decade, our digital marketing expertise demonstrates our ability to provide results. When you partner with us, we don’t just want to send more traffic your way. Our job is to win you more business. No matter if you’re attempting to attract new buyers with SEO, digital advertising, social media, or email, conversion rate optimization could be the key to maximizing sales growth from all your marketing efforts. By investing in CRO services, your business will have the data it needs to increase sales and generate more leads.

Why Hire DOM

  • Higher ROI
  • Applicable Insights for Most Industries
  • Increase Leads & Sales
  • Continuous Experimentation
  • Comprehensive Design Analysis
  • Clear, Concise Reporting
  • Custom-Tailored Strategic Planning
  • Dedicated Account Manager & Support

Through a rigorous methodology rooted in scientific principles, DOM can help you increase the likelihood of turning a visitor into a client. Learn more about how our conversion rate optimization (CRO) services provide key insights into your target audience to increase leads and sales from all digital channels.

What You Receive

Our team embraces a modern methodology to gather key information on user behavior to turn your website into a well-oiled revenue generator. Through our process of formulating hypotheses, testing, and meticulous analysis, we always back up our recommendations with data. CRO can be the difference between new business and someone never returning to your site. Our goal is to figure out what resonates with your visitors and break down any barriers which block the path to increasing conversions. By partnering with us, we ensure you have complete visibility into our process and how we get results. This process includes:

Discovery & Initial Research

At the outset, understanding who your customers are and why they choose you over your competitors is crucial. To kick things off, our team performs extensive research on your business, your industry, your competitors, and your ideal buyers. Our team will also define deliverables and establish regular reporting and communication timelines so you know exactly what you get from the very start.

Website User Data & UX Design Auditing

We’ll perform a deep dive on your website’s analytics data as well as an assessment of user experience (UX) design. Our team aims to define a baseline of the site’s historical performance data and potentially identify any design elements which may be impeding conversions. Our objective is to analyze quantitative and qualitative data to see what users are paying attention to and where they’re dropping off in the sales funnel. This starting point will help us formulate multiple hypotheses to test in relation to achieving your goals.

Strategic Planning

After we review key engagement and conversion metrics, our team works in tandem with yours to devise a rapid testing and optimization strategic timeline. At any given time, we make sure you’re involved at every step of the way to keep ourselves accountable to you. By creating multiple hypotheses, our team will lay out a complete framework to implement testing. All testing will be structured in a way that provides specific optimization recommendations. In order by priority, any optimizations must provide a benefit in terms of its potential, importance, and ease.

Testing & Implementation

The next step will follow our strategic timeline by launching individual experiments which attempt to prove or disprove a given hypothesis. Implementation of these experiments involves structuring A/B or multivariate testing. Testing of this nature will usually try multiple variations of things such as:

  • Page layout design
  • Content
  • Calls-to-action (CTAs)
  • Value propositions & offers
  • Checkout / conversion paths
  • Interactive elements such as buttons, drop downs & more
Once an experiment has run its course, our team reviews the results with the purpose of establishing statistical significance. Only then can we make informed conclusions and eventual recommendations to optimize your site for better conversions.

Reporting & Performance Review

With the support of your dedicated account manager and other team members, you will receive regular reporting and documentation for all testing. Our team will reflect upon all performance data to judge the effectiveness of our efforts while also formulating new experiments to implement in the future. Achieving your goals drives us to succeed. Part of that leaves little room for ambiguity. Our mission is to present our findings in a way that you can justify continuing to work with us. When you and your team have complete buy-in, we strive to produce results that impact your bottom line.

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