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Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Digital presence and experiential engagement have become important influencers of how customers find, assess and decide to buy from companies. We have mastered helping put your absolute best foot forward through browser and mobile devices, creating an experience for your customers that represents what they can expect from working with you.

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How UI/UX/CRO Can Help Your Business

UI is the crux of how your business is perceived and interacted with by customers.

  • The intuitive design builds trust, simplifies buying and data gathering processes, and grows customer loyalty.
  • UX ensures that all features of your website work in harmony, reinforcing your image to users and conveying authority in your industry.
  • CRO reinforces your conversion rate, turning bounces into buyers.
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What Can You Expect From Your Free Audit?

We have a detailed, no-pressure, 7-step process for determining if we’re the right partner for you… and vice versa! We also provide customized, detailed digital marketing audits to help you understand what potential your business has for growth through SEO and digital advertising strategies.

When you request a free digital marketing audit from us, you can expect:

  • Review of your Google keyword rankings from 1-100
  • Review of your active Google Ads campaigns by a certified digital advertising strategist
  • Analysis of your current traffic volume and what opportunities exist
  • Actionable feedback on technical issues holding your site back
  • Competitor review to see how you stack up against them
  • Identification of growth opportunities to improve in 5 key areas

In addition to those topics that are included in every digital marketing audit, we would also be happy to review the following items related to improving your conversion rates, user interface, and user experience.

  • UI/UX overview
  • Summarized list of pain points and possible improvements
  • Suggestions to improve conversion rates
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Our UI/UX/CRO Process

We will study your site, and after collaborating with you, take the functions and processes of your website and refine them to work in unison, making the process simpler for visitors of your site without detracting from the form or functionality of the site.

Specific techniques/approaches:

  1. By studying your site and its users, we’ll develop an understanding of how your website is perceived by those who use it, better grasping what makes your site stand out and reinforcing those strengths while improving upon weaknesses.
  2. An in-depth UI/UX audit can reveal weaknesses and oversights in your website that you were previously unaware of, including navigational errors, awkward menu structures and more, all of which could drive users away.
  3. Refining UX and CRO leads to higher conversion rates, better customer satisfaction, and a more harmonious view of your company by making the user’s experience simple, intuitive and streamlined by refining your site for user-friendliness.
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Clients Who Have Trusted Us To Grow Their CRO

The DOM Difference

“They have a great team. They think outside of the box, and they’re very client-focused.”

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Robert Stein
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Clients Stick With Us Because They Want To

“I remembered the excellent work they did while I was working for another company. When our project came up, I wanted to bring them in for an interview. We hit it off right away and they understood what I wanted. As a result, we decided to hire them.”

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Conversion Rate Optimization FAQs

UI stands for User Interface, which generally focuses on the parts of your website that a user interacts with. This includes menu structures, buttons, forms, and other interactive elements of your page. These are common pain points in web design, as most users have experienced a website that had buttons that were too small to click, menus that weren’t entirely clear about what information was being requested, or complicated navigation that could be condensed to one well-designed menu.

While the two terms are very much linked in function, the key difference is that UI focuses only on the interactive elements of your website, while UX focuses on the entire interaction a user has with your site. Put simply, UI is about your menus and buttons, UX is about getting people to intuitively understand where those elements should be. UX has a broader scope of focus, but both are very much intertwined.

With DOM’s method, all the above areas of study will be considered and infused into your website. We refine your website to ensure that every moment spent on your website pushes users towards your site’s goal. Most websites suffer from low conversion rate, meaning less purchases, newsletter signups, ad clicks, etc. However, the solution will vary by website and target market. Let us take the guesswork out of it and get you the conversions you need.

The internet is always evolving, and being at the forefront of this evolution is key to retaining your audience. Almost every business is online at this point, and if one of your competitors has a website that’s easier to use, they’re going to start gaining the attention of your target market. Let us make sure your website is the most convenient, fastest-loading, best website in your market.

When you sign up for our service, we aim to improve every facet of your website. Your site will become more aesthetically pleasing, more intuitive for users, faster to load, and will rank higher in search engine results. We help you resonate with your users, and this perspective combined with our experience ensures growth in every facet of your website, without upselling you on extra services that won’t benefit your site specifically.

To put it simply: yes, indeed! The problem with the way most folks approach conversion rate optimization services is that their testing and experimentation lack structure and a clearly defined process. Because we utilize leading software (like Hotjar and Google Optimize) and modern CRO techniques, we reach statistical confidence in our conclusions. You should always strive for 95% or higher confidence before recommending any conversion rate improvements.

We are happy to provide recommendations based on experience, but that doesn’t mean you’ll see any real improvements without testing your ‘gut’ first.

We can’t and won’t ever guarantee results. Having said that, we do guarantee that you’ll know which changes work and don’t for your site and landing pages. As long as there’s enough traffic to reach a statistically significant conclusion, you’ll learn whether to implement changes or go back to the drawing board.

Sometimes hiring in-house is the right way to go.  With us, you receive a team of experts specialized in different areas, including design, UX, marketing theory, and data analysis. So when you hire DOM, you get a full team working on the aspects of CRO they know best.

Over the years, we’ve helped organizations from dozens of verticals. We work with both B2B and B2C businesses ranging from medium-sized ecommerce retailers to enterprise-level SaaS companies. To get a better sense of whether we are a good fit for you, give us a call at 800.979.3177 or drop us a line to start the conversation.

Great question!...but it’s pretty tough to answer without knowing more about your unique needs and goals, as well as your current marketing efforts. Generally, the more traffic your site gets, the quicker we can experiment and make impactful recommendations. Site traffic is difficult to gauge, but we tend to work best with companies who are spending a minimum of $10,000 per month on digital advertising, or who are already driving large volumes of organic search or social traffic. We’re happy to answer any questions and learn more about you to see if we’re a good fit.

We do, although we provide the most value from our conversion rate optimization services if you also invest in search engine optimization or pay-per-click advertising with us.