Don’t be an Outrageous Waster

By DOM Team| 4 Min Read | September 10, 2007

Every time I turn the TV on I’m confronted by some British TV actor who seems to have made a B-line for the states and looks headed to be the next flavor of the month.

I can never take House seriously due to the fact that its hobbling star, Hugh Laurie, used to be in a comedy double act and was almost typecast as a fey aristocratic twit.

Last night I decided to watch the pilot of the newest version of Bionic Woman; and gor blimey guv’nor, if it wasn’t the ex-Eastenders soap starlet Michelle Ryan camping it up in the lead role.

She’ll probably be back for the Christmas Eastenders special.

I honestly don’t object to every lame show and every lame actor turning up on my TV screen, although it does dampen the celebrity factor for me personally.

But I sincerely hope you don’t decide to commission, replicate or employ anybody currently in Outrageous Wasters.

Outrageous Wasters sees a crack team of eco experts on a mission to transform Britain’s most wasteful households.

The eco warriors challenge the attitudes of energy-guzzling families, and try to get them to change their lifestyles by showing them how to live greener lives.

Our three presenters are Joanna Yarrow, a leading expert in green living; trained ecologist and anti-waste enforcer Dan Carraro; and eco-design consultant and ex-builder Andy Tugby.

Good grief. An anti-waste enforcer? Please, spare me.

I have to admit to being a green agnostic. I tried getting my head round the debate a while ago and became even more agnostic (if that’s remotely possible). I have serious doubts about anything that claims our assured destruction and then has people such as Sheryl Crowe proposing we use less toilet paper as a solution.

If this planet is going down the toilet I don’t want it to be because of a blocked u-bend. I want comets; asteroids; nuclear war – seat of the pants stuff that requires extra toilet paper, not less.

Besides, I also remember the seventies and how we were all going to freeze to death, I’m not overly keen on the goose-stepping sensibilities these groups have a tendency to portray. Don’t get me wrong, the “You’re either with us or against us” has worked quite well from the anti-smoking lobby to several major political figures, but dismissing any form of reasoned debate and passing it off as freedom of the democratic process is beyond parody.

Now believe it or not, there has been a certain amount of this kind of mindset in relation to business blogging. You hear mantras and buzzwords which can be mistaken for orders and directives from higher command. You hear transparency and authenticity mooted as imperatives prior to starting a business blog and those that don’t practice such concepts either by accident or by design are summarily dismissed as ‘not getting it’. And that’s charitable.

No wonder business blogging is still considered a rarity.

Blogs are exceptional SEO tools, communication channels and company humanizers.

That means you’ll be found for broad and long-tail keywords and the post that users come across on your blog can be commented on (if enabled). Because of the conversational tone of the writing style, people will be more inclined to be engaged with you as an individual and as a company.

The rarity angle just means that there are less fish in the pond and your slice of the pie could be higher – to paraphrase Dubya.

This is the reason people got all high and mighty in the first place. You see, it works. For example, this past week ten great leads were driven to Butler Sheetmetal via their Web presence, and you must remember they only have a main site and two blogs with a bit of organic seo thrown in once in a blue moon.

Would you not forgive somebody for getting a bit uppity if they were doing that kind of thing for your business online?

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