Run of Site (ROS)

Updated 05/02/2024

What Is ROS?

A digital advertising contract specifying Run of Site (ROS) generally means that a banner or other type of online advertisement can appear on any page, and usually in any open placement, of a particular website.

More Questions People Ask About Run Of Site (ROS)

What Does ROS Mean In Marketing And Digital Advertising?

ROS is an acronym for run of site, and you will often find it spelled this way in digital advertising contracts where the phrase is frequently used.

What Is A Run Of Site Banner Ad?

Banner advertising comes in many different shapes and sizes, and each shape/size is often referred to by a specific name (button, inline, leaderboard, skyscraper, etc). A run of site banner ad typically has the following features:

  • Can appear in the form of a static picture, animation, or interactive image.
  • Can appear anywhere on a site – top, middle, bottom, or side.
  • Can appear on any page of a website.
  • Can be paid for either through a Cost per 1,000 Impressions (CPM) model or through a flat cost for a specified period of time.

What Does Run Of Network Mean?

Commonly confused with run of site advertising, run of network advertising is ROS on a larger scale. While run of site advertising applies to an advertisement being shown on any page of one particular website, run of network (RON) advertising expands that concept across any page of multiple websites.

Companies who publish ads on the Google Display Network have their ads showcased on any page of more than one website. Therefore, their campaigns are a RON that leverages ROS ad inventories.

What Are Some Other Industries That Use ROS As An Acronym?

There are several industries that use ROS as an acronym for different terminology.

  • In “traditional” advertising, ROS stands for run of schedule, meaning airtime that a local station can use to air commercials at its own discretion. Source: allBusiness
  • In business operations, ROS is commonly used to define return on sales, or the operating profit divided by net sales. Source: Investopedia
  • In the practice of medicine, ROS is an acronym for review of symptoms. Source: UC San Diego

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