Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

In essence, what it is that sets your product, service, or company apart from others and why potential clients should care enough to choose you.

More Questions People Ask About Unique Value Propositions (UVP)

How do you write a unique value proposition?

To write a unique value proposition, you actually need to position whatever you are trying to promote or sell – whether it’s a product or a service – as different from your competition. According to our friends at Corporate Visions, a lot of companies end up positioning themselves as comparable to their competition, instead of being unique.

In an effort to avoid this, you should write a unique value proposition that focuses on your value wedge, also known as the stuff that you do differently from your competition. Three ways Corporate Visions suggests you can write a value proposition that sits inside your value wedge if you:

  1. Identify the previously unconsidered needs of your customers
  2. Attach those new needs to the unique strengths of your company or solution
  3. Validate the strengths of your company or solution against those new needs by defending your story

What is your unique value proposition as a leader?

Commonly used as a question in sales meetings or during the employee interview process, how a company answers will say a lot about the type of organization they view themselves to be. If you don’t know how to directly explain to potential employees, investors, or other vested stakeholders what you do that no other company does – you will likely find retention and success in B2B growth to be a challenge.

What is Uber’s value proposition?

Uber – not unlike many organizations – has more than one value proposition because they cater to two distinct audiences: riders and drivers. Depending on the variety of marketing personas you need to promote your product or services to, multiple unique value propositions may be required for your company to find success.

For full details on Uber’s two value propositions, we highly recommend this resource from Murat Uenlue, a Qantas Program Manager, over at InnovationTactics.com.

What is a strategic value proposition?

A strategic value proposition – a synonymous term with a unique value proposition – is the essence of what it is that sets your product, service, or company apart from others and why potential clients should care enough to choose you. Additionally, a strategic value proposition should also explain how customers will receive benefits from your product, service, or company.

For more detailed information on strategic value propositions, we strongly suggest checking out the Wikipedia entry on the topic.

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