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Amazon Marketing Services

As the largest retail platform in the world, it’s no small task to break into the Amazon market. However, as a trusted Amazon marketing agency, we can help overcome the tasks of positioning your product for success on Amazon.

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How Amazon Marketing Services Can Help Your Business

  • We will study your products and market to form a cohesive understanding of what customers are searching.
  • DOM builds a plan to grow your purchase rate, refine your offerings and define deliverables from us.
  • We continually test your listings, to ensure full optimization in every step.
  • We will report our work and findings, and make recommendations for even more growth.
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Our Approach

Due to the rate at which trends change on Amazon, we will continually monitor keywords and performance data to ensure that your product is always performing the best it possibly can, all the while making strategic recommendations to ensure growth where possible.

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Clients Who Trust Us

Excellent Experience

“They are professional, process driven, and were not afraid to tell me when I was wrong – a true thought partner.”

Ken Kanara
President star rating

Organizational Brand Strategy

“Their ability to leverage technology to keep us in the loop and up-to-date is a testament to their flexibility and focus on customer service.”

Matthew Holjes
Director of Sales and Marketing star rating

Our Process

  • We continually refine your Amazon product listings, ensuring your product consistently performs to the highest standard. This includes keyword and market research, and many other digital marketing techniques, tailored to helping your business thrive on Amazon.
  • We report our data with full transparency, whether good news or bad. We aim to give you an understanding of why the product is performing as it is, as well as any additional factors in play.
  • Given our history in Amazon digital marketing, we know how to build your advertising campaign and optimize your product listings to work harmoniously together, ensuring that your marketing budget is being used for an effective ROI.
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