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App Store Optimization (ASO) Services

Does your app need more downloads? Wondering how to position your app for increased adoption and usage? Our ASO marketing agency can help you grow online with confidence.

App store performance improvements are possible with comprehensive analysis, testing, and consistent execution, which we specialize in. Our app store optimization (ASO) strategy and services can help your app grow and evolve successfully.

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$108B App Store Spending In 2023
$51B Google Play Spending In 2023
156B App Downloads Worldwide In 2023
$320B Apple App Store Earnings

How Our App Store Optimization and App Store Advertising Services Can Help You

There are other ASO (App Store Optimization) agencies with experience in app store advertising and marketing. However, few have the depth of SEO and PPC experience to easily transition their expertise to the mobile platforms.

At DOM, our highly rated digital marketing services for apps and app stores optimizations can do more than simply improve the visibility of your app in the iOS and Android stores. Instead, it can drive the results you need to leverage these in-demand channels to grow your business.

Do any of the objectives listed below sound like turnkeys for your app that you’d like to leverage to help it grow?

  • Improve download performance, user satisfaction, and impressions through app store searches.
  • Keyword research and adjustments based on this data allow for maximized visibility.
  • Refine touchpoints for the app, including icons and screenshots, as well as descriptive and engaging copy.
  • We offer continuous technical health checks and optimization, making sure algorithm changes do minimal harm to the performance of your app.

If yes, let’s have a conversation about how our ASO strategy and services can help your business grow with confidence.

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Clients Who Trust Us

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“They proactively brought great strategic ideas to us, and worked with us to brainstorm new ideas. They were very responsive and reacted quickly as needs arose.”

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“With DOM’s help, our organic traffic is steadily increasing and we have more first page SERP results than ever.”

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Our App Store Optimization Audit Process

Our ASO marketing agency starts by studying your business and your app. We create a plan, then begin optimization with keyword research and the implementation of findings, run technical health checks, promote with digital advertising, experiment to push your conversion rate higher, and report back to you continually.

What’s Included In The Free Audit?

  • Study of current app store ranking, download rate, performance rate, reviews.
  • Points of interest that could be improved, with explanation of each point in question.
  • Highlighted differences between iOS App Store and Google Play store listings to explain discrepancies between them.

Our strategy places a strong emphasis on learning about your business and your app in detail. In this first phase, we perform extensive research to serve as a foundation for our strategy, informing our ongoing approach.

Keyword research is critical, as apps are limited to 100 characters for keywords. We’ll make that space count, finding critical keyword opportunities to boost your app’s visibility and ensure your target market can find you consistently.

After analyzing user and app data, we begin execution of our ASO marketing strategy. Collaborating with your team, we document our strategy to provide transparency. This keeps us accountable; we want your involvement in all steps. We optimize title, description, publisher name, in-app purchase field, as well as several factors that are iOS and Android specific. We aim for success on both platforms, and will continually test and refine across both platforms.

One key facet our ASO marketing agency finds regularly impacting performance involves resolving technical issues, from indexing with Firebase files to fixing errors uncovered in the Google Play Console or App Store Connect, we bolster your app’s health for success.

DOM will experiment to further increase organic download rate of your app, focusing on persuasive copy and analyzing app reviews for further insight, honing in on why users should select your app above all competitors.

What Can You Expect From Your Free App Store Optimization Audit?

We have a detailed, no-pressure, 7-step process for determining if we’re the right app store optimization partner for you… and vice versa! We also provide customized, detailed digital marketing audits to help you understand what potential your app and business has for growth through SEO and digital advertising strategies.

When you request a free app store marketing audit from us, you can expect:

  • Review of your current app store rankings, download rate, performance rate, and reviews
  • Actionable feedback on technical issues holding your site back
  • Points of interest that could be improved, with explanation of each point in question.
  • Highlighted differences between iOS App Store and Google Play store listings to explain discrepancies between them
  • Review of your active App Store and Google Play advertising campaigns by a certified digital marketing strategist
  • Competitor review to see how you stack up against them
  • Analysis of your current traffic volume and what opportunities exist
  • Identification of growth opportunities to improve in 5 key areas

In addition to those topics that are included in every digital marketing audit, we would also be happy to review the following items related to improving your conversion rates, user interface, and user experience.

  • UI/UX overview
  • Suggestions to improve conversion rates
  • Summarized list of paint points and possible improvements
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At DOM, we never guarantee success, as there are too many variables that are out of our control. As a matter of fact, we’d strongly recommend running from any agency that guarantees success, as this is a dishonest tactic. We have a strong track record of boosting app performance for both platforms, and we’ll certainly improve your odds, but we cannot guarantee it specifically. Contact us to learn more.

Yes. In addition to slightly different listing criteria and a difference in the way these are displayed, it’s critical to ensure that your listing on each platform is optimized for users on that platform. The demographics of Android and iPhone also vary from one another, and knowing your market is critical to ongoing app success.

App store optimization is absolutely crucial to getting exposure and downloads for your app. With millions of options on both Android and iOS app stores, your app will need every advantage it can get to break into such a densely packed market. Users discover 70% of all apps through app store searches, meaning that you generally have only one chance to make an impression with users that resonates to the point of having them download your app. If an app is crucial to your business, the single most effective marketing tool for your business is app store optimization. Contact us for more information.

We’ll help you through this process, finding the exact keywords that your ideal users are searching for. Given the relatively limited space for keywords in both the Google Play store and Apple’s App Store, keyword research is an ongoing effort, and one that we at DOM specialize in. It depends on your app and your business specifically, as well as the users you’re looking to gain, but we’ll find the words that will get you the users you need.

We do! We promote through a multichannel approach, combining Facebook and Google search advertising to drive users to your app store listing. Through this process, we also collect data about what resonates with your target users, fueling current and future marketing campaigns. In addition, we offer influencer/link-building outreach campaigns, PPC management, retargeting and display advertising, as well as social advertising. Marketing is all about the holistic image your app and your company maintain, we’ll leverage all of our channels to ensure your image comes across crystal-clear.

They sure do!

However, like traditional SEO, there are no quick fixes and it takes some time before you will see serious results. App stores rank your app in the following ways:

  1. Keywords—App stores judge the placement of keywords and the density of those keywords.
  2. Reviews & Ratings—No surprise here, but what your users think about your app play a big part in your rankings.
  3. App Performance—App stores consider data such as the number of installs, crash rates, retention and engagements and more.

ASO marketing will always be ongoing. With the exception of reviews and ratings, your app’s performance depends largely on things which you can control. But, if you don’t put in the effort, your app will likely fail to give the ROI you need.

While we optimize your app in ways to keep the app store algorithm happy, more downloads will be our top priority. There’s a bit of a snowball effect when your app is optimized correctly.

  • Optimization can increase rankings
  • Higher rankings can lead to more downloads
  • More downloads increase the number of ratings and reviews
  • More ratings and reviews lead to higher rankings

What if you could get more from the traffic your app’s page already receives? Conversion rate optimization services are just one way we give your app the best chance of winning more loyal users.

Over the years, we’ve helped organizations from dozens of verticals. We work with both B2B and B2C businesses ranging from medium-sized ecommerce retailers to enterprise-level SaaS companies. To get a better sense of whether we are a good fit for you, give us a call at 800.979.3177 or drop us a line to start the conversation.