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Lacking confidence in your current Microsoft services liaison? Concerned you don’t have a solid strategy to achieve your growth goals? Wondering how much growth you could experience?

If any of those questions have lost you sleep - then you’ve come to the right place. Our results-driven approach to Microsoft marketing services have garnered us dozens of verified 5-star reviews, happily sharing our history of repeated, sustained success leveraging client-side and back-end Microsoft programs for explosive online growth, in both impressions and conversions.

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How Microsoft Marketing Can Help Your Business

  • Microsoft retains a sizable share of search engine traffic, with almost 1.5 million devices defaulting to Bing for searches.
  • Integrated advertising space allows for unique approaches that other platforms can’t replicate.
  • AI driven marketing insights allow for accurate targeting of customers most likely to be converted.
  • Engage multiple touchpoints, presenting a unified, holistic view of your organization without oversaturation.

Microsoft Marketing Process

We refine your brand’s messaging and optimize for Microsoft’s dynamic touchpoints, ensuring you are represented correctly. As a Microsoft advertising partner, our approach grabs the attention of potential customers in ways that other platforms can’t replicate, and strengthens conversion rates in your audience.

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Clients Who Trust Us

Simply The Best In All Things Google SEM & SEO

“They are experts in both subject matter and educating clients on how to get the most out of an investment in paid search advertising.”

Sam Karow
President star rating

DOM Is The Best

“I like the outstanding responsiveness, I love the way they customize reports in a way that I can understand, and I am always amazed by their creativity.”

Liz Jazwiec
Keynote Speaker & Author star rating

Our Approach

AI Driven Insights: Data collected by Microsoft allows for a high degree of personalization, allowing your brand to reach out to those who would have the greatest chance of conversion, presenting the most relevant information at the best time.

Multichannel Communication: In today’s world, customers have endless choices when it comes to both sending and receiving information. Microsoft’s platforms allow these to be engaged in tandem, maximizing your chances of gaining their primary focus and earning loyalty.

Market Superiority: 76% of computers use Microsoft operating systems, and the data that Microsoft collects is invaluable when learning about your customers’ relevant needs. In addition, 36% of US searches are powered by Bing, an invaluable marketing addition.

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What's Included In Your Free Audit

  • Report and Interpretation of current marketing activities
  • Best practices for Microsoft marketing implementation
  • Auditing AI systems used for personalization and visualization
  • Description of any current issues in your company’s marketing mix
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Microsoft marketing allows a synchronized multichannel approach, meaning that one customer journey could include emails, SMS, website visits, surveys, informational communication and more, all integrated to ensure that collected data is accurate and timely. This also allows customers to control the flow of information, helping you engage with the customer when they are most likely to commit to CTAs.

Microsoft’s AI system allows you to create a system that automatically reaches out to consumers when that message is most likely to resonate with them. By assigning the actions you’d like to be taken, Microsoft’s systems will follow-up with customers exactly how, when, and in what manner you’d like them to be reached. This is invaluable for hitting the sweet spot between a lack of brand awareness and oversaturation of your message. The AI can also populate personalized information in these messages, further tailoring your communication and enhancing loyalty to your brand, as well as interpreting digital signals far beyond search history.

Almost all businesses can benefit from data-driven Microsoft Marketing. Both B2B and B2C organizations can gain valuable insights about the lifecycle of their customers, and the data gathered by these techniques can prove to be invaluable no matter what you sell. The streamlined approach that we take means that each and every one of your clients gets what they need, when they need it.

Nope! We ensure that any content, systems or strategies you currently have in place are supplemented by Microsoft marketing, taking care to avoid contradiction or message oversaturation. We take great strides to ensure that any Microsoft marketing strategies do not overshadow or otherwise disrupt your current marketing mix, as a cohesive brand message and professional appearance are critical to gaining new customers and retaining the loyalty of those who already support your organization.

In addition to a different market segment than can be expected from Google or similar search-based PPC advertising, Microsoft marketing allows you to insert your messages in locations that Google would not allow for, enabling you to reach customers right on their desktops, through daily updates on their PC’s, and a variety of proprietary dynamic touchpoints.