App Store Optimization

How We Approach App Store Optimization

Positioning your app to earn more downloads requires understanding how app stores work and what matters to your target users. App store performance improvements are only possible with comprehensive analysis, continuous testing, and consistent execution.

Our team follows a strategic roadmap to guide us towards ASO marketing success. We want to knock down any barriers that prevent your app from getting the recognition it deserves. We do everything we can to fulfill every aspect of our strategic planning. Not only that, but we also ensure that you have total visibility into our process.

Our blueprint for improving your app’s performance includes the following:

YES! I Want More App Store Downloads!
  • Persuasive, sales-driven copy
  • App review analysis for additional copy improvements
  • Screenshots
  • App store icons

Discovery & Initial Research

Our strategy places a strong emphasis on learning about your business and your app in detail. Our ability to generate results also requires we have a firm understanding of your target audience and competitor apps. In this first phase, we perform extensive research to serve as a foundation for our strategy.


Strategic Planning

Following an analysis of existing user and app performance data, we then lay the groundwork to begin execution of our ASO marketing strategy. In tandem with your team, we document every piece of our strategy to provide total vision into our process. This keeps us accountable to you; we want you to have involvement at every step.


Keyword Research

Through a balance of finding keywords with high volume and relevancy, our team carefully selects keywords with the most opportunity. We only focus on keywords that matter most to your ideal users and also have an impact on producing greater ROI.


App Store Page Optimization

Our team gets to work by optimizing your app store page for search. With our in-depth research to guide us, we optimize everything about your app store page to entice users and provide useful context to the app store algorithm. Content optimization for your app store page includes:

  • App title (iOS & Android)

  • App subtitle (iOS) and short description (Android)

  • App description & keyword density (Android)

  • iTunes Connect Keyword Field (iOS)

  • In-app purchase(s) (iOS)

  • Publisher name (iOS & Android)

Optimizing your app’s on-page content is an extremely important component of our app store optimization strategy. However, we continuously optimize your app store page as part of an ongoing process, making necessary tweaks and improvements along the way.


Technical Health Checks

Part of your app store performance involves taking care of any technical issues to address. From indexing with Firebase files to fixing errors uncovered in the Google Play Console or App Store Connect, we make sure your app’s technical health is always tip-top.


Promotion with Digital Advertising

Increasing overall exposure for your app from multiple digital channels is another important component in our strategy. Our team manages a combination of Facebook and Google Search advertising to maximize our results. By driving more users to your app via app download and re-engagement campaigns, we collect invaluable knowledge about what resonates with your target audience as well as fueling later marketing strategies.

Here are just a few ways we can maximize results by combining app store optimization with other marketing channels:

  • Influencer & Link Building Outreach Campaigns

  • Pay-Per-Click Management

  • Retargeting & Display Advertising

  • Social Advertising


Conversion Rate Experimentation

Getting you more downloads doesn’t rely solely on the stuff app store algorithms care about. We want to give users a real reason why they need your app. Through experimentation and A/B testing, we test everything we can to create a winning formula for success in the app store.

We test and tweak the following in an effort to increase conversion rates for organic downloads:

  • Persuasive, sales-driven copy

  • App review analysis for additional copy improvements

  • Screenshots

  • App store icons


Reporting & Performance Review

We provide data and insights on a weekly basis with full transparency. When things are going well, we’ll share why. When performance is down, we don’t sugarcoat the news and provide recommendations on how to right the ship. Your dedicated account manager will discuss findings with you on set calls weekly or at an interval of your choice, looping in other team members as helpful to the conversation.

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App Store Optimization Services (ASO)

Increase App Downloads, Engage More Customers.

App store performance determines whether you can successfully increase user downloads. We help your app achieve higher visibility through strategic App Store Optimization services (ASO) and targeted app advertising campaigns.

We Want Your App to Succeed

You committed loads of time, effort, and resources into developing your app. You were meticulous about designing a product users want. And yet your app isn’t doing as well as you hoped.

Ever Catch Yourself Saying Any of the Following?

  • No one is downloading my app and I don’t know why.
  • Downloads have gone down after design improvements.
  • I don’t show up in the App Store or Google Play Store for any searches that matter.
  • I don’t know what keywords to target for our ideal users.
  • I get lots of downloads in one app store, and almost none on the other.
  • I want to test design and copy, but I don’t know where to start.
  • I’m about to launch the second version of my app, but I’m afraid it will take too long to see any positive ROI.

Users discover 70% of all apps via app store searches. By investing in app store optimization services and app advertising campaigns, your app has a better chance of converting more searchers into loyal users.

YES! I Want More App Store Downloads!

Why You Should Work With Us

You need more downloads. You need your app to be seen more often. You need a partner for ASO marketing you can trust to produce results.

We’ve been helping companies from around the worlds grow their businesses online for more than a decade. Here are some of the ways we can help you when we partner together:

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Increased Market Share

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Higher ROI

conversion rate optimization services driven by insights

Industry-Specific Insights

conversion rate optimization services driven by experiments

Continuous Experimentation

seo migration services can increase your search traffic

Comprehensive Performance Analysis

conversion rate optimization services reporting

Clear, Concise Reporting

Pittsburgh pay per click agency strategic planning

Custom-Tailored Strategic Planning

Pittsburgh pay per click dedicated point of contact

Dedicated Account Manager & Additional Support

What People Are Saying

Ian Brown testimonial for a Pittsburgh marketing firm

“Working with DOM is like working with colleagues who have our company’s best interest at heart. Our CMO introduced me to them eight years ago, and I have been using them for our digital marketing needs ever since. Their status as a trusted Google-partner is comforting, but we’re loyal to them because the quality of their services is unfailingly effective.”

- Ian Brown, Director of Marketing, Appify
Dan Bernoske testimonial for a Pittsburgh marketing firm

"DOM is a digital marketing firm that consistently delivers quality leads for me and my clients. Their account management team is responsive, they continuously provide insights, and they share innovative new approached to digital marketing. After many years in search of a go-to digital agency, I have found one in DOM. I strongly recommend and promote them to anyone."

- Dan Bernoske, Managing Director, Cortado Group
Shannon Javetz testimonial for a Pittsburgh marketing firm

"No matter what you’re trying to market, DOM will learn about the product so they can provide the best support. Their responsiveness to the adjustments we need helps us better interpret and improve our conversion numbers. They offer suggestions, but they don't come across like pushy sales pitches, which can often happen with other agencies."

- Shannon Javetz, Associate Director of Advertising, SCAD

ASO Marketing FAQs

We know you have questions about ASO marketing, so here are a few we’re frequently asked.

If you still have a few of your own burning questions, be sure to give us a ring at 800.979.3177.

Do App Store Optimization Services Really Work? -

They sure do!

However, like traditional SEO, there are no quick fixes and it takes some time before you will see serious results. App stores rank your app in the following ways:

  1. Keywords—App stores judge the placement of keywords and the density of those keywords.
  2. Reviews & Ratings—No surprise here, but what your users think about your app play a big part in your rankings.
  3. App Performance—App stores consider data such as the number of installs, crash rates, retention and engagements and more.

ASO marketing will always be ongoing. With the exception of reviews and ratings, your app’s performance depends largely on things which you can control. But, if you don’t put in the effort, your app will likely fail to give the ROI you need.

Why is Conversion Rate Optimization so Important? -

While we optimize your app in ways to keep the app store algorithm happy, more downloads will be our top priority. There’s a bit of a snowball effect when your app is optimized correctly.

  • Optimization can increase rankings
  • Higher rankings can lead to more downloads
  • More downloads increase the number of ratings and reviews
  • More ratings and reviews lead to higher rankings

What if you could get more from the traffic your app’s page already receives? Conversion rate optimization services are just one way we give your app the best chance of winning more loyal users.

What Kind of Businesses Do You Help? -

Over the years, we’ve helped organizations from dozens of verticals. We work with both B2B and B2C businesses ranging from medium-sized ecommerce retailers to enterprise-level SaaS companies.

To get a better sense of whether we are a good fit for you, give us a call at 800.979.3177 or drop us a line to start the conversation.

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