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Our Graphic Design Services

Does your brand’s creative communicate the ideas of your company in an interesting, visual way? Concerned your current branding fails to grab the attention of your audience? Do you lack the bandwidth internally to take on the evolution you need?

If either of those questions keep you up at night - then you’ve come to the right place. Our strategic approach to graphic design services can revitalize the visual identity of your business in a meaningful way.

Ready to experience partnering with a graphic design agency who proves each and every month that the goals you have for your business are possible?

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Strategic Graphic Design (With Your Results In Mind)

Since being founded in 2006, our team has produced confidence-building results for clients in nearly every industry on every populated continent.

From artwork designed for digital ads to signage for a trade show, graphic design at DOM encompasses a huge variety of projects and purposes. Our graphic designers are skilled at creating visuals that achieve the specific goal of each project while staying inventive in the ever-evolving creative field.

We also review our campaign progress weekly and keep you updated on our progress as frequently as you need.

Need a refresh of your brand? New digital assets that inspire clicks and conversions? Undergoing a merger or acquisition? A better user experience on your website so visitors take the desired actions you need on your site?

No matter your goals, we have the experience to achieve the outcomes you want. We also have commitments to providing industry-leading reporting and a company-wide commitment to transparency. When those are combined, you can have the confidence that we will share the impact our efforts are having, or the areas for improvement we see to help improve your results.

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What Can You Expect From Your Free Digital Marketing Consultation?

We have a detailed, no-pressure, 7-step process for determining if we’re the right partner for you… and vice versa! We also provide customized, detailed project outlines to help you understand where your project stands at any point in the process.

When you request a free digital marketing consultation from us with an interest in our graphic design services, you can expect:

  • Review any creative briefs you have created, so we can figure out what you’re looking for
  • Analysis of your current traffic volume and what opportunities exist
  • Actionable feedback on technical issues holding your campaigns back
  • Competitor review to see how you stack up against them
  • Identification of growth opportunities to improve in 5 key areas, so we can align on what works best for your project.
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Clients Who Trust Us

Consistently Developing Our Expertise

“They are true subject matter experts and beyond organized. They put 110%+ into all of their work!”

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Jamie McDowell
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Communication Never Lapses

“Everyone at DOM is extremely easy to work with, friendly, and passionate about what they do! They are very responsive and never let anything fall through the cracks.”

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Jamie McDowell
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You Can Grow With Us (And We Have The Reviews To Prove It)

Feel like you don’t know who to trust to provide you with graphic design services and strategies? Tired of settling for an agency that has good intentions, but consistently comes up short when it comes to meeting your needs?

We encourage you to take some time to review what people are saying about us on platforms like Clutch, G2, and Google. Across those three platforms, you will find dozens of 5-star reviews that serve as a testimony to the work our agency can produce for companies like yours.

When it comes to graphic design and digital marketing, we find a lot of marketers don’t know who to trust. Let’s face it, our industry is filled with snake oil, as well as agencies that have good intentions but can’t deliver results.

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Graphic Design Services FAQs

When selecting a graphic design agency, it's important to consider the range of services they offer, their experience, and their portfolio. You should also ask about the cost of their services and how long it will take them to complete the project.

From conceptualization to execution, our team of award-winning graphic designers expertly craft captivating designs for the digital world and beyond. The graphic design process can be complex, so it's important to choose an agency that has a range of services and experience with different types of projects. The agency should also be able to provide a final product that is high quality and meets your specific business needs.

Typically we find the most success for SEO campaigns with brands that lack the resources internally to accomplish the often tedious, on-going task work required for true SEO success. Saying that, SEO also requires a longer-term commitment and a higher dollar amount of investment in order to see success in comparison to paid search advertising campaigns.

We get it - you want to know how much working with us is actually going to cost you before you give consideration to contacting us. Unfortunately, we have a really hard time giving you a direct answer to this question because there are a lot of variables to take into consideration, including:
  • The goals of your campaign (high level lead, sales, and traffic goals are different than more sophisticated campaigns targeting specific keywords or middle and bottom of the funnel lead generation).
  • The resources you have available internally to support your SEO efforts.
  • The quality of the sites you are going to compete with for page 1 Google results.
You will come across SEO companies that charge as little as $100 a month for their services, and also find companies that propose $100,000 a month for a wide-reaching project scope. Most of our clients invest around $6,000 a month or more in our SEO services. Campaigns tend to be above that average when we need to make a higher commitment of our technical and content specialists to a campaign, there are multiple websites that need SEO attention, or a client has international marketing goals in non-English speaking regions of the world. In some cases, they are large franchisees or multi-location businesses or have multiple websites that need to be managed. To give you an accurate proposal to help you hit your goals, please contact us for a no-obligation SEO audit.

No. We can’t and won’t guarantee results with our SEO services, and you shouldn’t trust any Pittsburgh SEO experts who do. Too many variables exist, many of which are out of your and our control. However, we’ve been running SEO campaigns successfully for many years and have developed a good sense of where we can be successful. Plus we give you full, transparent reporting so you can see what your dollars are getting in return.

Bottom line: Run far, far away from any provider of digital marketing services or SEO consultant who guarantees results.

Our graphic designers are professionally trained and have over 30 years of combined experience with the Adobe Creative Suite. We frequently dive into InDesign, Photoshop, AfterEffects, and Premiere, but our favorite programs are XD and Illustrator (Top 8% of LinkedIn Learners). We also have experience with Figma, Unity, and 3D Studio.

Completion time fluctuates based on the project type. We typically ask for a few days' turnaround on all project requests but know that the world can be unpredictable and will work to make magic happen in a flash.

Files must be prepared differently based on the platform. If a design is used specifically for digital outlets (websites, digital ads, social media graphics, etc.) it will be developed in RGB - red, green & blue - color space, while print projects (event flyers, trade show banners, packaging, etc.) will be created using the CMYK - cyan, magenta, yellow & black - color model. Additionally, the quality of the images optimize differently for digital and print projects. Standard resolution for print projects is 300 ppi, while digital projects are much smaller at 72 ppi.