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Retargeting lets you make the most of the traffic your website already gets. Get a second chance to turn a passive visitor into a buying customer with retargeting services from Direct Online Marketing. From abandoned shopping carts and unfinished contact forms to casual readers of your blog, retargeting allows you to target those visitors again and again. But without a carefully constructed strategy, there’s a good chance you’ll send them running for the hills.

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Why Retargeting Services Clients Work With Us

Whether you call it remarketing or retargeting, we help you generate more conversions through highly-targeted messaging on a variety of ad platforms like Google, Criteo, SteelHouse, and AdRoll. As a Top 200 Premier Google Partner, we’ve been helping retargeting services clients in dozens of industries for more than a decade. Along with non-restrictive month-to-month contracts, transparent communication is essential in providing our clients with a world-class experience.

Here are a few reasons why our retargeting services clients partner with us month after month:

  • Higher ROI
  • Increased Market Share
  • Proven Ability to Scale
  • Ecommerce Sales Growth
  • Lower Cost-Per-Conversion
  • Continuous Testing & Experimentation
  • Clear, Concise Reporting
  • Custom-Tailored Strategic Planning
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Retargeting Services Clients Who Trust Us

Timely Performance Reporting

“DOM is very agile and quick to tweak, optimize and pivot as needed. Communications never get muddled and time isn’t lost passing information around.”

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Suzanne Ryan
SaaS Marketing Leader star rating

Staying Ahead Of Industry Trends

“DOM has been very knowledgeable about what boosts our account specifically, but also forthcoming with digital marketing advice in general.”

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David Phillips
Marketing Manager star rating

Retargeting Process

Over the years, we have fine-tuned our process for executing retargeting campaigns on Google and other platforms so we can focus on what works, how to improve results and demonstrate our value to you. Our team embraces an experimental mindset where we actively figure out which elements of every campaign can be optimized.

We guarantee that you will have total clarity about how we create our success at any given time. We pride ourselves on our open communication and transparency. You won’t wonder where your money is going–we’ll show you the allocation of every single dime, and we never take a share of ad spend.

Discovery & Initial research

From the very beginning, our retargeting services team compiles data to better understand your business, your industry, your ideal buyers, and your competitors. We want to visualize what challenges to overcome down the line to help our strategic planning.

Strategic planning

After our initial background research, our retargeting services team examines your website’s analytics and related marketing campaign data. By defining a baseline of historical performance, we then have the tools to compile a comprehensive strategy. We amplify returns without making your audience turn away. To hold ourselves accountable, we continually build and refine strategic plans to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

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Platform Selection

Using information gathered in the discovery phase, our team works closely with you to select the best platforms to reach your target audience through our retargeting services. With access to some of the most popular display network and technology partners, we target the right audience at the right time.

Some of the platforms we use to capture your audience’s attention include:

  • Google Ads, including YouTube
  • Criteo
  • SteelHouse
  • AdRoll
  • StackAdapt
  • Meta/Facebook/Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Audience Segmentation Layering

Once we’ve tested and defined your most important audiences, we tailor the timing and messaging. Maybe we give cart abandoners a discount coupon within 24 hours of leaving your site. Or we could tell visitors to a particular service page know about an upcoming webinar. We will help you define a winning plan of action for retargeting.

Ad Creation

Following the framework of our strategic timeline, the team creates fresh retargeting ads for your review. By following your brand’s guidelines and standards, you can lean on our in-house graphic design experts to generate flights of ads. Have your own design team? Not a problem – we can give you the specs.

ROI Optimization

Audiences, offers, ads, landing pages, duration, frequency—we have multiple levers we can pull to get you the most conversions for your retargeting ad spend.

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Reporting & Performance Review

With the support of your dedicated account manager and other team members, you will receive regular reporting to interpret campaign data. When things are going well, we’ll tell you why. When performance is down, we don’t sugarcoat the news. Instead, we will provide recommendations on how to right the ship, and then put our retargeting services back to work.

Additional Display Targeting

Our process for generating success with our retargeting services is a big part of why clients keep coming back. In addition to retargeting, we also leverage the following display ad targeting tactics to increase visibility for your business:

  • Placement
  • In-market
  • Lookalike
  • Contextual
  • Customer match
  • Interest- and topic-based
  • Demographic

Retargeting FAQs

We don’t want to oversell the value of retargeting, but it’s a surprisingly effective marketing tool. What many marketers fail to realize is obtrusive or annoying retargeting ads can become if they hit users too often. There’s no perfect formula for figuring ad frequency, but we do have a few best practices to rely upon. We’re always testing, meaning that we strive to find the perfect mix which results in more conversions.

When the concept of serving ads who previously visited your website first came around, it was universally referred to as “retargeting.” Fast forward a few years, and digital platforms such as Google and Facebook began referring to it as “remarketing.” So what’s the difference? None. The two terms are interchangeable. As for us, we’re purists and call it retargeting. No matter what you call it, this tactic is one of our favorite ways to serve ads on display networks.

We can’t and won’t ever guarantee results. Having said that, we do guarantee that our team will communicate with you every step of the way while maintaining complete transparency.

However, retargeting is one of the few tactics that – with proper execution – can benefit almost any company. Exceptions exist if you don’t yet have enough traffic to your site or if you work in a restricted industry such as healthcare.

But should you ever come across anyone who guarantees results, we recommend that you run far, far away.

Just like how IP addresses can be linked to a specific internet connection, websites and advertisers can track users across the web. This process involves sessions or cookies: files that are stored on a person’s computer or mobile device. When someone uses the internet, websites can record that user’s cookie information to identify them. Cookies are almost always anonymous and provide benefits to users, such as remembering passwords.

The basics of retargeting work like this:

Someone performs an action (often some type of visit to your site) and has a cookie placed on her or his browser. Later your ad appears to them, as a banner or other type of display ad, on whatever sites they visit – so long as that site accepts ads from the ad network you use and isn’t one you choose to block.

Over the years, we’ve helped organizations from dozens of verticals. We work with both B2B and B2C businesses ranging from medium-sized ecommerce retailers to enterprise-level SaaS companies.

To get a better sense of whether we are a good fit for you, give us a call at 800.979.3177 or drop us a line to start the conversation.

We do, although we provide the most value if you also invest in other ways to drive traffic to your site, such as with search engine optimization or pay-per-click advertising.