SEO Site Migration

We tell anyone who will listen about the importance of a well-defined SEO site migration plan. Preparing for the inevitable Google dip will help you save time and money on your SEO efforts. We cannot tell you how many companies have reached out to us months after a redesign with a traffic hit of 30% or more asking us to fix their issues. We can, but it takes much longer and costs them a lot more money. Don't fall into the same trap. Reach out to us for a free evaluation today before you take a new site live. Depending on complexity, we'd like to have at least two weeks and preferably four to six weeks or more to prep for any site change. You're welcome to use our findings and not actually engage with us, but you'll want even more time for proper planning. You can't afford a bad transition to a new website. You can count on us to help you take the smallest hit possible and to lead you to even better organic results in the future.

Why Hire DOM

  • Mitigate the Traffic Loss from Site Migration
  • Pre- to Post-Traffic Analysis
  • Future Organic Google Traffic Growth
  • Higher Search Engine Rankings
  • Higher Visibility for Your Website
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Based Service
  • Dedicated Account Manager

You've been on the web for years, but now you want to give your website a new look or upgrade. Whether you think you've had good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts in the past or not, your site has built up some amount of value with the search engines. Yet when you change your site, you may lose a great deal of that value. Does that mean you shouldn't upgrade your site? No! But you have to make the switch in a planned out, methodical way, otherwise you may lose some of that goodwill forever. DOM will help you through the transition to the new site to ensure your traffic dip is as shallow and short as possible

What You Receive

When you hire DOM to help you handle SEO through a website migration, you get a full, well-rounded effort. All plans are customized for your needs, but often include the following:

Strategic Planning

We'll review your old site, dev site, and goals to build out a plan for your site transition, which can be modified for initial launch of a stripped down (MVP) site. This plan will guide all our actions through and beyond launch.

Established Checklists

We've built best SEO practices for switching websites to make sure any performance dip (which will happen) is as small and short in duration as possible. We'll establish baselines, provide recommendations, and check performance to ensure the smoothest transition we can.

Technical SEO Recommendations

We'll do a full audit of the old site and dev site to provide recommendations based on how long until launch. Then we'll perform a full SEO audit after the new site goes live to ensure nothing is missed. We'll work with your developers to find solutions for any noted issues.

Link Redirects & Reclamation

At their most basic level, SEO site migrations ensure old pages redirect to their corresponding new pages. Doing so allows site visitors to find the information they seek and for your pages to retain as much value as possible. Post-launch, we'll also reach out to other websites to update their links to point to the new pages for best long-term value.

Easy Transition into Ongoing SEO

Most companies that hire us for ensuring smooth SEO sailing during a site migration continue to work with us well after the switch. We can leverage the knowledge gained and recommendations given for actual SEO gains beyond just the initial recovery period.

Updates & Reporting

We'll keep you informed of our activities and progress throughout the process with regular updates and weekly calls. We can just as easily speak plain English to your marketing team as we can geek jargon to your web developers to ensure the smoothest possible outcome.

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