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PPC Campaign Analysis That's As Easy As Pie (Charts!) - DOM
By Ryan Norman| 5 Min Read | July 1, 2020

Hungry for Better PPC Performance Analysis? It’s as Easy as Pie…Charts!

Analyzing your PPC campaigns with pie charts reveals actionable insights. And it does so visually.…

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analyzing PPC perfromance by location with pivot tables
By Ryan Norman| 8 Min Read | June 10, 2020

Pivot Tables: The Unsung Hero of PPC Performance Evaluation

Analyzing your PPC campaigns by location reveals actionable insights. It helps you spend your digital…

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how to pinpoint ppc performance changes
By Ryan Norman| 12 Min Read | May 4, 2020

How to Pinpoint PPC Performance Changes

You need to be able to pinpoint PPC performance to improve it. Comparing current performance…

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sample bias: personal and ppc pitfalls
By Ryan Norman| 7 Min Read | February 6, 2020

Sample Bias: Personal and PPC Pitfalls

Have you ever noticed that it seems you always turn your USB the wrong way…

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By Justin Seibert| 1 Min Read | April 26, 2010

Google AdWords Certified Partner: Changes to PPC Certification

Seems you can't stop Google from making major announcements this month. From changes to Google…

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By Justin Seibert| 1 Min Read | December 4, 2009

Google Ads Audits

Just a quick housekeeping note: we wanted to announce a site we launched offering Google Ads…

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