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The Impact of Social Media on Advertising Strategies

By C-L Team| 3 Min Read | July 17, 2019

Americans spend almost a full day—23.6 hours—online per week, spending most of that time on social media (Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram lead the way in user numbers). With advertising spending on social media set to increase by 71 percent within the next five years, it proves that social media has changed the relationship between advertisers and their audiences. And accordingly, advertising strategies have changed too.

Because social media platforms allow advertisers to zero in on their target audiences, social media algorithms maximize tactics, approaches, and dollars to capture the attention of a higher concentration of interested people.

The key to nailing social media advertising is about leaving the sales-at-any-cost mentality behind and instead building strong relationships with existing and potential customers.

Hard sales pitches don’t work in the world of social media

While consumers expect to see advertising on their social media pages, hard sales pitches are less and less effective. Consumers prefer friendly and conversational approaches that resonate with their wants and needs. Providing solutions to problems over selling product features work best.

Building relationships through brand awareness

A brand’s story is always most potent when it reaches the right people. Because social media is so smart when targeting a specific audience, it allows advertisers to forge a lasting, trusting relationship with consumers by building brand awareness.

Keeping your brand in people’s minds

The sheer variety of mediums available means advertisers can pick the best tools to achieve their goals of communicating with customers. Blogs, articles, videos, influencers, viral ads, and sponsored content are just some ways advertisers keep audiences interested through engaging and valuable content.

Social media advertising frees up budgets

Compared with more traditional advertising methods, social media advertising is still relatively inexpensive. With the added advantage of reaching highly targeted audiences, social media is an attractive option for even the tightest budgets.

Social media gives advertisers the opportunity to do a lot more for a lot less money compared to using traditional advertising methods.

When it comes to advertising on social media, trust, credibility, and customer education are the most valued commodities. This approach is only going to grow, so if you haven’t started building social media strategies into your marketing plan, now is the time to start.

Whether you need a full-scale social media advertising plan or you need help tailoring your approaches, we can help you make an impact. Get in touch with the team at C-leveled for social media strategies that will boost your brand, engage the right audiences, and set you apart from your competition.

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