The Strategic Marketing Goals You Need to Set Now

By Janice Masters| 4 Min Read | March 11, 2020
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How can we measure success without goals? Is it possible to allocate resources, time, and money without knowing the purpose? What tasks should I assign to my team today?

All these questions will remain unanswered if you don’t set adequate targets that align with your business vision. Strategic marketing goals are essential to your success. Here are a few marketing objectives that you should aim to pursue across your plans. 

Increases In Sales

Marketers know that increased sales are the primary intent of their strategic marketing campaigns. This is because the ability of an organization to cover its expenses is directly dependent on sales–and a lack of sales equates to a lack of revenue, which leaves no space for growth. The proven ability to generate and close sales reflects on and ensures the overall success of your business.

Sales can increase by spreading brand awareness and trust. When people make purchases, they are more likely to go for a service or a product that they feel is reliable and relatable. 

Initial & Continuous Brand Awareness

Buyers tend to purchase from brands they are familiar with, which is why you need to spread awareness about your services or products constantly and consistently. Awareness leads to initial purchases; reinforced and continuous awareness means repeat purchases. 

Marketing strategies may vary from product to product or service to service. Still, a sharp brand image is going to be constant across all campaigns–making your brand stand out, and your audiences stand up a take notice.

Customer Retention & Relationships

Finding new buyers is excellent, but retaining old customers is also essential to the success of your business–that’s because recurring customers are more likely to buy from you.

While only 20% of new visitors convert when they visit your website, the percentage rises to 60% for recurring customers. That is why more and more companies are now recognizing how customer satisfaction impacts revenue and are focused on finding ways to keep previous buyers coming back for more.

Increases in Web Traffic

When more people visit your site, the chances are that it will translate into better sales for your business. However, it takes a lot more than just increased traffic to improve conversion rates.

Ensure that your traffic is appropriately segmented to fit in your brand’s niche and then create a solid strategy to grow your online audience. 

Optimize Your Conversion Rate

The goal for your business is to get as many prospects as possible to convert, or complete your desired action–this could mean making a purchase, watching a video, or signing up for your newsletter.

More conversions decrease customer acquisition costs by transforming already present users into buyers – in turn, a higher conversion rate generates more revenue and helps expand your horizons.

The good news is that your efforts to optimize conversion rates are almost guaranteed to yield results – stats show that 74% of CRO programs help their organizations enhance revenue.  

A business can never have enough customers or profits, and that is why there is always room for improving the conversion rate.

Pre-defining your strategic marketing goals can streamline your planning process, as you and your team clear a pathway to success. 

It isn’t easy to establish a sound brand presence, but if you set the right strategic marketing objectives, it’s possible. With appropriate planning and plenty of due diligence, you can help your business grow considerably over the present year.

Make sure that your brand’s goals are aspiration-drive and time-bound. Define the capabilities you need to achieve your strategic objectives, communicate your intentions, and then get going!

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