What I Love Most about America

One of America’s greatest assets is the ability for people in almost all situations to rise above their current level depending upon a variety of factors including attitude, ingenuity, hard work, persistence, and luck in no particular order.

The road is definitely harder for some than others and I’m the first to admit that I’m the luckiest person I know. All of my accomplishments have been greased by a great deal of good fortune. But the greatest fortune I’ve had is being born an American.

Americans as a whole can achieve wonderful things and make great amounts of money much more easily than citizens of any other nation on earth. Look where many of America’s best have started out for affirmation. You can be destitute, homeless, or afflicted with disease or handicap and still make it.

You can even be…an unemployed improv actor. As a former improv performer in Los Angeles, this story warms my heart. It’s worth a very brief read to learn how two guys trying to make it in Hollywood serviced a very important need for global citizens at large that have a problem that needs solved: providing a ninja who can answer your questions.

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