Why Inbound Marketing Works

By Denise DeSimone| 4 Min Read | January 9, 2020
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Modern-day marketing means you can’t just create a website and wait for the traffic to pour in and the sales to go through the roof. Instead, you have to invest a considerable amount of time and resources in developing an inbound marketing strategy to enhance your digital footprint. When inbound marketing is successfully thought-out, implemented, and executed, your strategy can provide you with increased leads, increased visibility, and increased ROI.

Effective inbound marketing can attract, engage, and convert leads through the help of unique and well-positioned and high-quality content. These efforts allow you to present your brand, company, and products and services in a targeted way to customers who are already looking for what you offer, rather than reaching out to a broad base of consumers and hoping for the best.

Inbound marketing covers a variety of mediums, including:

  • Blogs
  • eBooks 
  • Videos & Webinars
  • Targeted email marketing
  • Social media posts 
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • And more! 

Keeping up with your competition and keeping your customers engaged requires a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy. Here’s why it matters. 

Inbound Marketing Tactics Are Cost-Effective

Creating a video for social media or writing SEO-optimized blog posts will cost you next to nothing, especially when compared to renting billboard space or running a 30 second TV commercial during prime time. Typically, inbound marketing costs 60% less than outbound methods, and you can gain the same amount of attention and leads.

Inbound Marketing Strengthens Your Reputation

Outbound marketing tells your audience why they need your product or service through advertising on the radio, television, or similar mediums. With inbound marketing, you’re able to show them why they need your product or service through your content. As an added benefit, high-quality content also augments your brand’s reputation in the eyes of your audience.

As part of your overall marketing strategy, you can also reach out to online magazines and other websites that have readership overlap with your target customers. Inquire if they are willing to share your content, if you can repurpose your existing content for their site, or if you can write new content for them–which will give your brand massive exposure and establish you as an industry expert.

You can enhance your brand’s reputation, position yourself as an industry expert, and gain high-quality backlinks from other websites that serve to increase your domain authority.

Inbound Marketing Guides Potential Buyers Through the Sales Funnel

Modern buyers are known to conduct thorough research before making their purchase decisions, and the amount of content available on the digital grid makes their decision process much easier. 84% of online shoppers have bought a product after reading about it in a blog post, and 55% of consumers use videos to help in reaching their decision. When you create content, it’s essential to consider what kind of information your target audience requires to guide them through the sales funnel.

Remember, the top of the funnel will have general industry-relevant information, followed by information related to your company, followed by the desired way for your potential buyer to take action. Don’t forget to include well-positioned call-to-action button, such as options to contact your company, subscribe to an email list or newsletter, sign up for alerts, or add products to an online shopping cart.

Inbound Marketing is Always Relevant

Customers are constantly bombarded with advertisements. Most Americans are exposed to approximately 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day. That means it is increasingly hard to stand out and cut through the noise.

Inbound marketing works like a magnet. Rather than going all out and advertising directly to people, you attract them to your brand through the informative, relevant, and timely content they need and want. 

Inbound Marketing Provides Better Analytics

The major plus point about inbound marketing is that you know how effective your marketing efforts are in real-time.

Tools like Google AnalyticsFacebook PixelsAhrefs, and others give you the exact, measurable details of your inbound campaigns. If you feel that the results are not at par with your expectations or set goals, inbound marketing offers you the flexibililty to quickly and easily change course and adjust your strategy.

It is vital for today’s businesses to incorporate inbound marketing strategies into their marketing campaigns. After all, these efforts are cost-effective, efficient, customer-centric, and, most importantly, they help you secure more leads and a better ROI. Ready for an inbound marketing strategy that brings customers to you in droves? We can help.

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