3 Important Things to Consider Before Rebranding Your Business

By C-L Team| 3 Min Read | January 24, 2019
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Like any new, exciting business change, once you make the decision to rebrand it can tempt you into diving right in. But that approach isn’t for everyone. Maybe you find yourself wanting to rebrand, but you feel cautious and are only prepared to dip your toes in the shallow end of the pool.

Whether you come from either approach, consider how important brand strategy is to the overall success of your business. A thorough, well-developed plan of action can make the entire rebranding process run smoothly, and with a roadmap in place, your efforts will be far more likely to bring you success.

So how do you start? Whether you’re ready to dive in, or holding back, here are three important things to consider before putting a rebranding strategy into place.

1. Current Customers

First things first: consider your current customers and what they think of your brand. Overhauling everything could alienate a strong existing client base by changing or taking away everything they like! You could, however, improve their loyalty by rebranding and changing the things that do not appeal to your current market.
A brand audit and customer research help inform these decisions. They set the stage for ensuring your rebranded business meets the needs of potential future customers, using ideal customer personas to help shape your improved brand identity.

2. Getting Team Buy-In

It’s not just customers whose opinions matter though. Every member of your team should understand why you want to rebrand and how it will impact their work and your company as a whole. The earlier you can get buy-in the better, because a company change on this level can lead to a lot of questions and concerns.
That being said, while you want buy-in, it is best not to get too many people involved with the actual decision-making process. Keep your rebranding strategy team contained to key team members who offer varying perspectives, yet share the common goal and understanding of company success. Too many cooks in this kitchen can slow down your progress and cloud your judgment when it comes time to make critical decisions.

3. Be Open to New Ideas

Finally, you may have an idea of what you want rebranding to look like, but do not discount ideas that seem outside the box. Unique branding decisions can truly set your business apart and highlight what you have to offer to a wide variety of existing and potential clients.
When your team comes to you with new ideas, consider the power of differentiation and don’t write anything off without giving it consideration. Keeping an open mind throughout the process can help you create a brand that is better than you ever envisioned.

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