5 Ways Blogging Boosts Your SEO (Updated June 2020)

By DOM Team| 3 Min Read | June 22, 2020
ways blogging boosts SEO

Publishing a business blog boasts many benefits. It helps you establish yourself as an expert in your field, and it’s a great way to connect with your customers and answer any questions they might have about your business. Doing a blog may also be beneficial to your organic footprint: it can improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results.

Creating a blog, and thereby delivering relevant informative content, can work wonders for your business. Focus on these 5 areas to reap the most benefit from your blog: fresh content, links, keywords, images, videos, and location relevancy.

1. Fresh Relevant Content

Having fresh content to share will keep your social platforms alive, and the combination of new content and interaction will help spread your business. Also, Google appreciates and rewards fresh content.

2. Links (external & internal)

We all know links are important, but you need to build relationships to get quality links. Having a blog will help build those relationships. The opportunity to internally link is another way to get the link juice. Internal links also make your site more user friendly; they enable users to jump around your website with ease.

While we’re on the subject of internal links, don’t overlook the importance of how you structure your website. Search engines like clear, concise, helpful organization, with descriptive titles and simple URLs.
fresh content, links, keywords, images, videos and location relevancy - blogging, seo and your business

3. Keyword Usage/Optimization

Keyword usage and optimization contribute to ranking higher in search engine results Blogs are the perfect opportunity to include your keywords. Optimizing keywords within meta tags is another bonus to helping with ranking for those keywords.

4. Optimization of Images & Video Posts

Including images and videos with correct tagging and alt text creates more content that can show up within search results. Each year, video becomes more and more important. Including both video and text within your blogs provides users multiple ways to consume your content; you want to appeal to users by giving them the option to engage with your info via their preferred medium.

Videos can bring links from YouTube too. While you’re optimizing those video descriptions, don’t forget to add closed captions. Not only does it make you a better online citizen, but those captions can also help out your SEO rankings.

5. Make Local Posts to Location Relevancy With Local Search Engines

Generating blog posts with local community content helps establish your business locally. This is important not only to developing a local following to interact with but also for showing up in local results.

Remember: blogging and SEO results can take time. Connecting with customers is the most important aspect of a blog. If you put the effort in, and optimize your blog correctly, results will follow.

Bonus Tip! Optimize Your Old Blogs With New Content

If you’ve got a lot of blog posts already on your site, you can repurpose them by adding new content. The internet is forever. Old blog posts with outdated information aren’t doing anyone any good in 2020. An updated blog post lets you reuse old content on your site in ways that benefit your readers. You might have noticed that you’re reading one right now!

Do you need help with setting up or optimizing your blog for SEO? We can help!

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