(Ab)normal Service May Now Resume.

By DOM Team| 3 Min Read | August 16, 2007

I feel kinda bad for not having blogged on here for the past week or so. I could make excuses about conferences and such, but I’m on record more than once that it only takes fifteen minutes to throw up a blog post. But, whether that detracts from the quality of the blog post is a debate for another time.

I have to admit to being a bit blogged out in some respects considering I spent yesterday live blogging the whole conference. You might very well ask what one earth is live blogging and I might very well answer that it’s slightly harder work that I gave it credit for.

But, if you need to know, it’s a running commentary of the presentations throughout the day. It’s not quite stenography, nor is it note-taking or indeed a recap. I suppose it’s all three acting as an extra information channel that offers the opportunity for people to give feedback during or after the event. Hopefully, with the aid of the Conference Flickr gallery, you get some sense at to what went on if you weren’t there and a few reminders if you were.

Anyway, the conference really had very little to do with me tapping merrily away at my laptop. A lot of hard work and effort went into this prior to the day itself and it went swimmingly for the most part. We’re still waiting to get everybody together and read through the feedback sheets to see what could’ve been done slightly differently or what might be done differently at a future event. But, first glances show some extremely good constructive feedback.

There were only one or two slightly minor glitches to the day’s proceedings. And one of those had something to do with Staples having been hit by lightning during the previous evening’s storm, which meant there was a bit of a panic finding somewhere else to do a spot of emergency printing. And the other was Stephanie’s attempt at hemming my suit pants. Let’s just say that she is to tailoring what Sweeney Todd is to hairdressing.

With any luck we may have videos to each of the sessions available for sale out of the back of a van. Then you’ll be able to enjoy Justin’s presentation about search marketing and reputation management. Keep this under your hat, but the boy’s a very good speaker quietly away. And in the spirit of true showbiz tradition, he managed to leave them wanting more.

At least now I know how to combat any bad press that may come my way if I break into the NFL and start fighting dogs!

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