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Search Getting Smarter

Justin Seibert | November 27, 2006 |  ,

If you watch sports or The Daily Show, no doubt you’ve seen the commercial for Gears of War at least a dozen times by now.… Read More

How You can use the Search Engines to Fight Bad Press

Justin Seibert | November 26, 2006 |  

Hope everyone had a great Gobble Gobble. It’s been getting more fun for us recently. For a while, I was the youngest at our holiday… Read More

You Cannot Spell Happy Thanksgiving without O.J.

Justin Seibert | November 21, 2006 |

Sorry, this blog is so late and will likely be so short. Apparently, the day before Thanksgiving is a great research day for people, so… Read More

“Kramer” Exchanges Wacky Weird Guy Role for Insane Racist. That’s called a Trade Down.

If you haven’t heard by now, Michael Richards who played Cosmo Kramer on Seinfeld lost his mind and started hurling racial epithets at hecklers during… Read More

From You Alright, I Learned It from Watching You

Justin Seibert | November 19, 2006 |  

One of my favorite commercials growing up was the father grilling the son about smoking marijuana. “Where did you get this? Answer me!” the father… Read More

Marketing for Nefarious Purposes

Justin Seibert | November 16, 2006 |  ,

Of course with a title like “Marketing for Nefarious Purposes” this post is about credit cards. First off a little background on me: I love… Read More

Now a Movie Contest for People that have Actually, You Know, Seen the Movie

Justin Seibert | November 15, 2006 |  ,

First off, let me thank everyone who came up to us at our table last night at the Washington County Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Banquet… Read More

The Exact Moment I Knew my Life was Over

Justin Seibert | November 14, 2006 |  

You know that moment of recognition when you realize something has changed about you? It’s not possible that it changed right then and there, it’s… Read More

Wasted Marketing & Advertising Dollars

Justin Seibert | November 13, 2006 |  ,

Man I hate me some wasted advertising dollars. Like last night for example. My wife and I were discussing how disappointed we are with our… Read More

Search Engine Marketing for Schools

Justin Seibert | November 12, 2006 |  , , ,

When someone asks me what my company does, I usually say that we help businesses increase sales and quality leads through targeted online marketing. If… Read More

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