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Are You Bragging Enough On Your About Us Page?

By Jim Foreman| 7 Min Read | April 25, 2024
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The answer is no. We already know what you’re going to say because we can hear the sigh from here as you look at your business’s website and click over to About Us (if you even have one) and notice that there’s basically nothing there. 

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That is what we refer to in the baseball* world as a “layup,” or an easy victory that takes almost no effort at all and has the potential to get you huge wins that you might not even know about yet. 

So we’ll answer the question for you: no, you’re not bragging enough on your About Us page. Now we’re going to tell you how, why, and when (you should be doing this now).

Bragging Isn’t A Bad Word

One last baseball reference: think of bragging as putting your best batter up in a crucial inning (assuming you have designated hitters). 

You trust their talent. You know their record. 

Your About Us page should champion your business in the same way. 

“Bragging” demonstrates the unique value you offer. It sets you apart from a sea of sameness. This is not the time to be shy or worry about coming off as a braggadocio. Whatever industry you’re in, you’re probably not the only one. 

Future clients facing a saturated market need to know, quickly and clearly, why they should choose you. This isn’t just about self-promotion, it’s about giving potential customers the confidence to take that next step.

For example, your software company might consistently resolve support tickets far faster than industry standards. State those time frames with pride. Back up your claim with satisfied customer quotes.  Numbers and testimonials tell the true story!

Maybe your manufacturing process prioritizes sustainable materials and ethical sourcing. Don’t just list those values –  show how they’re woven into your daily operations. Share a case study about how you helped a client achieve their own sustainability goals. This gives your values real-world impact.

The key is to focus on the benefits your skills or solutions provide, not just listing features. It’s the difference between saying “we have fast shipping” and “we make your orders arrive on time, so you can keep your own promises to customers.”

Authenticity is Key

Your About Us page should feel like a handshake, not a corporate brochure.  Avoid generic, buzzwordy phrases that could apply to any company. Prospects want to get a real sense of who you are.

Tell a story that resonates. It could be about how your founder’s own frustration with a problem sparked the idea for your business. Or, if you’re an established company, detail your growth journey, highlighting the challenges overcome along the way. 

This builds trust and shows you understand your customers’ pain points.

Highlight your company values. Do you believe in giving back to the community?  Demonstrate it by featuring specific volunteer initiatives or partnerships. Perhaps your company culture fosters innovation and risk-taking? Showcase those successes (and even some lessons learned from failures).

Authenticity builds connection. When people believe in your mission and feel that you share their values, they’re more likely to become loyal customers and advocates.

The “Who” and the “Why”

Your About Us page is prime real estate to introduce your team. Put faces to the names behind your company. Short, sweet biographies establish expertise. Highlight degrees, certifications, and relevant industry experience, of course. 

But also consider a quirky detail or two – it humanizes the brand and makes you relatable.

More importantly, go beyond just the resume and spotlight the why. 

  • What drives your team members? 
  • Why are they passionate about what they do? 
  • Does your head of finance secretly have a collection of rare comic books?  
  • Do your engineers love to volunteer at animal shelters? 

These details add a personal touch and make your company memorable.

Finally, don’t forget your mission statement. Too often, this becomes a vague collection of platitudes. Craft a mission that truly reflects your impact on the world. Focus on the positive change you want to create, not just financial goals. 

When you believe in your “why,” customers and employees will too.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

It’s one thing to claim excellence, and another to prove it. Case studies and testimonials are essential weapons in your bragging arsenal. They let your satisfied clients do the talking for you, which is often far more convincing than self-promotion.

Think strategically. Select case studies that address common pain points your target customers face. Did you help a client double their leads? Did you streamline a complex process, saving them substantial time and resources? 

Share detailed success stories that resonate.

Don’t underestimate the power of glowing customer quotes. Highlight a few key sentences, scattered throughout your About Us page to break up text and capture attention.

Also, prominently feature any awards or recognition your company has received.  Credible third-party validation establishes instant trust. And if you have impressive statistics – increased sales, improved customer satisfaction, anything that can be quantified – shout it from the rooftops! 

Again, this is not the place to be shy or coy. 

The Power of Visuals

Your About Us page shouldn’t be a wall of text. High-quality photos and videos immediately elevate the professionalism and personality of your brand.

Start with your team. Invest in professional headshots instead of grainy smartphone selfies. Even better, capture images of your team in action – on project sites, collaborating around conference tables, or celebrating a big win.

Consider a short, engaging video that gives visitors a behind-the-scenes look at your company culture. It could be a quick tour of your office, a playful team introduction, or even customer testimonials interspersed with dynamic visuals.

If you have complex products or processes, an infographic can illustrate your achievements or your unique approach more succinctly than words ever could.  The instant visual appeal makes visitors more likely to absorb – and remember – key information.

Don’t Forget UX!

Even the most compelling content falls flat if your About Us page is hard to find or difficult to digest.

Make the “About Us” link highly visible in your main website navigation. Consider it a very important step in the decision-making journey for potential customers. They’re curious about who you are, so make it easy for them to discover the answer.

Once they’re on the page, avoid huge blocks of text. Use headings, subheadings, and bullet points to create visual breaks and guide the reader’s eye. Generous use of white space also makes for easier reading and a more pleasing aesthetic.

Remember, people are likely browsing on various devices. Test how your About Us page renders – and functions –  on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Images should load quickly, text should never be cut off, and navigation should remain intuitive on all screen sizes.

A well-designed About Us page enhances the visitor experience, building trust and encouraging further exploration of your website.

Experience the DOM Difference

Think your About Us page could be bragging a bit harder?  Want to transform it into a powerful lead generation tool? The experts at Direct Online Marketing are here to help. Sure, we can fix your About Us page, but there’s a whole lot more we can do besides – contact us today for a free consultation and let’s start amplifying your brand story.

*editor’s note: we know it’s the wrong sport. That’s the joke.

Key Takeaways

  • Bragging is essential. Showcase your unique value, accomplishments, and the benefits you offer clients to stand out in a crowded market.
  • Be authentic. Share your story, values, and genuine personality to connect with prospects.
  • Provide proof. Use testimonials, case studies, awards, and statistics to build credibility and trust.
  • Harness visuals. Photos, videos, and infographics enhance your story and make key information memorable.
  • Prioritize UX. Ensure your About Us page is highly visible, easy to read, and functions smoothly on all devices.

Transform your About Us Page into a Lead Magnet. A strong About Us page is much more than an introduction, it’s a tool to build relationships and generate new business.

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