Bow Down. You are Worshiping at the Feet of St. Chachi, Your Moral Compass

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I watched way too much tv growing up. Although much of that was wasted time, I would never trade in my time with Charles in Charge. Scott Baio not only taught the Pembroke and Powell children, he provided me with my moral background and street wile.

One of the many, many lessons the former crooner (oh yes, he made albums) imparted upon my young sapling of a soul was the Jacket Pocket Rule. He would routinely put an extra $20 in a coat pocket so that it would be a pleasant surprise the next time he wore that jacket. And in an emergency, he could always rummage through his coats for that much needed double sawbuck.

Side note: I used to work as a referee in college. “Scott Baio Fan Club” was my second favorite intramural team name. #1 all time was a basketball team for a special tournament: “Bye”. You guessed it – their opponent didn’t show up the first round.

Going back to the Jacket Pocket Rule, it kind of reminds me of search engine optimization (SEO). It takes a lot of work to get a Web site listed higher in the natural search result rankings of Google, Yahoo!, and other search engines. Further, it typically takes a long time (3-6 months or more) for the fruits of your SEO labors to start paying off.

But the results are well worth the effort and wait. If your site has been properly optimized with content, meta, and link building, you’ll start to see relevant, targeted traffic flow to various pages on your site. Often, you won’t notice anything gradual, but one day you’ll look at your Web statistics and wonder where all that traffic’s coming from.

And with the extra sales coming from that traffic, you can afford to take Gwendolyn to the pizza shop any night of the week. Which is good, because you can hardly afford a date anymore for $20 due to the inflation.

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