Wheeling Truck Center


Founded in Wheeling, WV, in 1933, Wheeling Truck Center has traditionally remained profitable while being limited in their geographic boundaries to the Ohio Valley area. In 2006, they came to DOM to help them expand their marketing reach throughout the United States with digital marketing tactics on Google and other major search engines.


What first started as a truck sales campaign quickly grew to encompass truck parts as a way to clear inventory space within their warehouses.

Fast forward to February 2010. Wheeling Truck received their first large international inquiry from Lima, Peru. While trying to determine how to proceed with this sale, they discovered the U.S. Commercial Service (USCS). The same day they inquired, Diego Gattesco from USCS came to their dealership with advice on how Wheeling Truck could sell internationally and help them assess future opportunities to expand internationally.

Part of their strategy involves a two-pronged approach to increase direct eCommerce sales online and generate leads for larger sales. The partnership between Wheeling Truck and DOM has contributed to the successful implementation of this strategy.


This approach led to phenomenal growth turned the once localized Appalachian dealership into a global player.

Not many fourth generation companies located in a small town in rural America can boast about their international business. Why? Because it is virtually unheard of. Wheeling Truck Center is proud to be an outlier that has successfully shifted their business from local to national to international deals.

Since then, Wheeling Truck has sold into more than 100 countries around the world. In 2014, Wheeling Truck was recognized by the WV Small Business Administration as Exporter of the Year and received the prestigious President's "E" Award for Exports from the US Secretary of Commerce. At that time, they were only the 6th West Virginia company to receive the award since its inception in 1961.

Wheeling Truck's reputation is growing throughout the world as they travel to meet with existing clients, establish new connections in new markets, and court new prospects. They have developed a sophisticated international exporting strategy to capitalize on on up and coming marketing, while backing off of less favorable ones due to currency fluctuations, new competition, political instability, or other market factors.

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Expansion Into New Countries


WVSBA Exporter Of The Year


President's 'E' Award For Exports

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