DOM Travels To Eastern Europe for Trade Winds 2017!

By DOM Team| 5 Min Read | October 16, 2017

We love to help our clients grow their businesses online with confidence through digital marketing. Direct Online Marketing has been doing this for over ten years and we’ve committed ourselves to keep doing just that into the future.

We’re no strangers to using digital marketing in exploring international business opportunities, and this year the team is excited to announce our involvement with the Trade Winds trade mission to eastern Europe!

DOM — Experts on Exports

Throughout our journeys as a company, we’ve had several opportunities to learn what we can about foreign markets and then apply our knowledge and expertise to help our clients excel in exporting to those places. We’ve been fortunate enough to help clients export to over 150 countries worldwide and we hope to keep helping clients export to new markets.

In partnership with the U.S. Commercial Service and other foreign agencies, DOM has had the chance to be a part of several trade missions. Not only that, our own Justin has traveled all over the world to share some of his knowledge on digital marketing to help companies grow their exporting.


See Justin on a trip to Costa Rica in 2015

Starting October 16, 2017, our attendance at Trade Winds signals Direct Online Marketing’s continued efforts in exploring foreign markets. We’ve been selected to speak in the Experts on Exporting session on Thursday afternoon in Bucharest and are proud to sponsor the mission as well.

What to Know About Trade Winds

Trade Winds is the largest annual U.S. government-led trade mission, organized by the U.S. Commercial Service. The purpose of the trade mission is to connect U.S. companies and organizations to business and government leaders in some of the world’s most promising markets.

While this year is not the first Trade Winds event, there have been nine international Trade Winds events thus far. Just to give an idea of what the U.S. Commercial Service team has been able to accomplish as a result of their work on past Trade Winds events, they’ve facilitated more than $240 million in export sales for U.S. companies.

Just last year, commercial experts from more than 20 countries descended on the Trade Winds Africa trade mission. Here’s a great video demonstrating how Chicago-based Luster Products met with commercial experts from all over Africa, and gained serious business commitments in Ethiopia, Nigeria, and South Africa.



This year, Trade Winds finds itself in eastern Europe, with stops in Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, and Serbia. This area is an exciting opportunity for any exporter to explore considering these countries are really coming up in the region. The whole trade mission serves as a way to learn about these markets and find some serious opportunities that may have yet to be tapped.

Where to Find the DOM Team

Trade Winds officially kicks off on October 16, 2017, and continues to the last day of the trade mission on October 26th. If you’re attending Trade Winds, there are two ways you’ll want to get connected with the DOM team:

The DOM Booth – Romania Trade Winds Conference

From Wednesday the 18th through Friday the 20th, the team can be found the main event of the trade mission — the Trade Winds conference in Romania. The conference, happening at the Athenee Palace Hilton in Bucharest, is where attendees can stop by the DOM booth on Thursday.

As an added bonus for stopping by our booth, you can get a site evaluation from the DOM team, all for free! You can see what your site does well and we’ll highlight areas you can improve to begin exporting to foreign markets.

Justin Seibert Participation in Discussion Panel

You can catch our very own Justin Seibert participate in a panel on Thursday the 19th at 3:30 pm (Romanian time, of course).

The panel will focus on market identification and penetration, as Justin will join fellow participants Massimo Perrotti, UPS Marketing Manager for Romania, Hungary, and Greece, and Gabriel Zbarcea, Managing Partner, Tuca, Zarcea & Associates.

Other Trade Stops

DOM will also be heading with other U.S. companies to Zagreb, Croatia on Sunday, October 22nd for an official post-event stop, then onto Ljubljana, Slovenia for additional time in the Balkans.  We also checked into Skopje, Macedonia to meet with some partners on October 15th.

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Even if you aren’t going to Trade Winds this year, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see where the DOM team is and get a first-hand look at the trade mission from our team’s perspective!


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