Expectations vs. Reality in Strategic Marketing

By C-L Team| 4 Min Read | March 3, 2020
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When it comes to strategic marketing expectations, we probably think our plans and tactics inherently have the power to overhaul traditional marketing, grow revenue, expand operations, and reach existing and new customers. 

That’s all true, but the caveat is in the approach. If you’re not putting in the quality time, effort, resources, and tactics, your strategic marketing expectations will never live up to the reality of the results. 

Expectation: Innovative Ideas are Easy to Dream Up!

Reality: It can be challenging to come up with original ideas that hit it out of the park.

As much as you may want to see immediate success, it’s unlikely that your businesses will achieve overnight results–even with out-of-the-box thinking. 

Although innovative marketing solutions can and will attract new customers to your business, the reality is that there is a process to go through before you commit to a new method as your go-to. Take the time to research, test, experiment, and modify based on your audience responses across engagements and interactions, and especially when it comes to measurement in comparison to your goals. 

Too many businesses are afraid of failure. But, strategic marketing offers you room for taking chances and for taking stock of what works and what doesn’t. Just as with any other component of business: You won’t always come up with an innovative idea that will hit the mark every single time, but every flop is a learning opportunity for a better approach next time.

Expectation: Increasing Brand Awareness Leads to More Conversions!

Reality: Yes, but only if they are the right leads for your business. 

Most people believe that by increasing brand visibility through advertising and marketing, they can generate more leads. And that is true–but–that alone does not ensure that the type of traffic generated is the kind you want and need.

These leads might not be relevant to your brand, and thus the conversion rate will be meager due to the quality of traffic. This means you’ve lost out on time, money, and now have an additional marketing challenge on your hands to reroute your message to the right audiences. 

In reality, it is essential to implement a well-researched strategy that attracts relevant leads to your business, does the work of warming them up, and naturally converts them because they are the right fit. That approach will generate the expected ROI.

Expectation: Content Alone Will Convert!

Reality: It takes the right content, delivered in the right ways to reach and engage your audiences effectively.

Many companies think keyword-stuffed or bland digital content is enough on its own to attract leads, convert them, and then additionally engage, retain, and foster continuing relationships with their customers. But customers are savvier than ever and will see right through click-bait or dry content.

In reality, it’s all about high-quality content. That content needs to be presented and repurposed in unique and engaging ways, from videos, blog posts, infographics, podcasts, audio, imagery, and more. 

Expectation: If the Marketing Strategy isn’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!

Reality: Last year’s marketing strategy won’t necessarily work in this year’s marketplace.

A number of companies make the mistake of repeating their previous year’s marketing solutions because they achieved excellent results. So they follow it step by step, expecting they will continue to get good results and experience the same levels of growth. When they don’t, they’re left feeling frustrated and confused. 

Here’s the thing: While there may be parts and pieces of your old strategy that work, strategic marketing requires agility and innovation. The digital world is continuously changing, and that makes it necessary for businesses to adapt to evolving landscapes and customer preferences year after year. Keep in mind that your company is customer-centric, so focusing on their changing wants and needs along with researching upcoming marketing trends, will help your business scale the heights of success year after year.

In reality, audit your marketing strategy each year, pull in a few key pieces you want to keep and adjust from previous campaigns, and blend it all into a brand-new approach.  Strategic marketing can maximize your position over competitors, streamline operations, and create value for your key audiences. At C-leveled, we’re in the business of delivering strategic marketing approaches that earn real results. Let’s talk about your strategic marketing expectations and how our expert team can make them a reality.

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