And the Facebook Halloween Costume Contest Winner Is…

Cigar Guy

We recently held a little Halloween costume contest on our facebook page with the winner receiving an Apple TV.  We are now pleased to announce the winner…

Cigar Guy, aka Jotham McCauley of Pearl, Mississippi.

Per the rules of the contest (more on this in a minute), Cigar Guy posted it – and was the costume judged – so he doesn’t have to share with Ali G or Super Mario. We announced the winner on Wednesday, but it took a couple days to get this up on the blog.  His Apple TV is on its way to the MS.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who entered the contest, including the Dodgeball Guys, Facebook Personified, Madd Hatter, Cheerleader and Mascot from the U, Frankenstein & Date, Ken & Barbie, Leopard & Ultimate Hipster (with plate!), Monkey & Shark, Perry the Platypus, True Blood Vampires, Jabbawockeez (straight “killin’ em”), and Mickey. Check out all the pics on our facebook page.

We had a difficult time with this one (more on that, too, in a minute) as people really brought it.  Maybe we’ll do something similar next year to celebrate our favorite holiday.

How We Chose the Winner

Everyone here chose their top 3. The #1 response on most ballots was actually Fred & Velma.


However, there were two problems with awarding it to this couple:

  1. They went out with me that night. I would have felt really guilty awarding it to anyone in my traveling Halloween gang.
  2. I would have to hear about it every time I saw Fred about how he had the best costume, especially any time I was at his house around the Apple TV.  That would be insufferable.  I’ll still have to hear about it by giving him public credit, but he – and Velma – deserve that much.

Rigging the contest so Fred couldn’t win is probably illegal, but I’ll make it up to them on my personal dime some way.

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