How to Change Your Facebook Page Name

How to Change Your Facebook Page Name

You’re feeling pretty good about your presence on Facebook.  You’ve set up a page for your business, organization, or group.  You’ve  promoted it sufficiently and even have a following.  Then you notice that you misspelled your name.  Or didn’t capitalize it properly.  Or it’s been a couple months and you’re now presenting your company name differently for brand purposes, such as dropping the “LLC” or “Inc.”

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Is there any way to change your facebook page name?  A quick Google search for “how to change your facebook page name” mostly indicates otherwise, but the answer is yes.  Depending on your situation, you may not like the answers.  Let’s walk through them.

Changing a Facebook Page Name – Under 200 Likes*

Don’t have much of a following on facebook yet?  That’s  a positive in this instance as facebook only allows you to change your page name if you have under 100 200 likes (or fans as they used to be known).

Simply go to your page, then click on “Edit Page” in the upper right-hand corner, directly beneath your logo/profile page picture.  This will take you directly to your Basic Information page and the top line will say “Name.”  Change that, hit the Save Changes button at the bottom, and you’re all set.


Changing a Facebook Page Name – 200+ Likes

What about if your page is Senora Populara – I didn’t take Spanish (obviously) – though and you have over 100 200 likes?  Well, you have a couple options here.

* This number was updated from 100 to 200 in summer 2012.

Contact Facebook (UPDATE)

You can contact facebook from within your edit settings.  Choose the Edit Page link, then go to your Basic Settings if it doesn’t open there automatically.  From there, you’ll see where your name is and a link to request a change.  Click on that.

You’ll come to a new page that asks for what you’d like your new name to be and why.  Your choices are that your business name has changed, you had a misspelling or the catch-all, “Other.”  To speed up the review process, attach something like a bill that shows your new / correctly spelled name so they don’t have to do a bunch of digging to verify you’re making a legitimate request.  Good luck!

If that doesn’t work or they don’t get back to you, then you can try the following.

Kill Off Some Likers

First, let me be clear.  I am not supporting literally murdering people that liked your facebook page simply so you can change your page name. That would be illegal in most states.

What I am advocating is removing some of the people that like you so that you can get under the 100- 200-like threshold.  This is not some Rubicon-esque line that Facebook will not allow you to cross back over.

To do so, click on “See all” in the box on the right-hand column that tells you how many people like your page.  That pulls up a pop-up showing the grinning faces of all your (Facebook) supporters.  Click the x next to enough names until you get to 99 199.  When you reach that point, follow the steps above to change your name.

Before you start getting rid of your likers, keep a few points in mind:

  • Whatever you do, do NOT get rid of the admin that set up the account.  The page is tethered to this person and it can be a nightmare trying to reclaim it. Much like Google, Facebook doesn’t see itself in the customer service business.
  • You cannot add anyone back on as a liker/ fan yourself. Some number of the folks liking you are probably close friends, employees, or other people you can reach out to afterward and explained what happened.  Start with them.  A quick message and most of those people will like you back.  Somebody call Shock G and see if they can do a facebook remix of “Kiss You Back.”
  • You may need to ex-out some people that you don’t have any kind of personal relationship with.  You probably won’t get these people back and may even piss them off if they notice that you axed them (although they probably won’t.)  The best you could do would be to announce it on your wall ahead of time and either ask for volunteers or ask folks if they can come back in two days to see if they’re no longer liking you and like you back.
  • If you have just a ton of likers, this strategy may not be realistic.  If so…

Kill Off Your Page & Start Over

…You’re kind of out of luck unless Facebook changes their rules regarding changing page names any time soon.  You either suck it up and live with the page named as is, or you create a new one.

If you go the latter route, you can mitigate some of the like loss by announcing on the wall and info pages that you’ve moved and asking people to move with you.  Then you could double post for a little while, which wouldn’t be bad with the use of a social media management tool like HootSuite.  Ultimately, you just won’t be getting some of those likes back, so factor that into your decision making.

Changing Your Facebook URL

Keep in mind, your facebook page name – the title that appears in bold at the top of your page and what people would type in to tag you – is separate from your URL page name/ username/vanity URL.  This name is what shows up in the URL string of the address bar.  When you first set up your page, Facebook will create something by default.  If you want to change this to an easy to remember the address, click here for step-by-step instructions.

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