In today’s world, it is essential that your site is optimized for mobile users. The site display must be able to shrink down to display on a mobile device while still being functional and user-friendly. There are 3 ways to ensure that your site is mobile-friendly:
  1. Responsive Web Design: Serves the same HTML code on the same URL no matter what device while rendering the display based on screen size.
  2. Dynamic Serving: Uses the same URL regardless of the device; however, generates a different version of the HTML depending on the device and what the server knows about the user’s browser.
  3. Separate URLs: Serves different code to each device on separate URLs. After detecting the device, this configuration redirects the to the appropriate page.
Be sure to check the mobile-friendliness of your site with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool. If you need assistance in getting your site to be mobile-friendly, this is part of the purview of our SEO services.