White Hat SEO

Used to describe certain Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods, being “white hat” means using only SEO techniques that are completely above board and accepted by the Search Engines. Doing the opposite (Black Hat) can lead to your website seeing its rankings drop drastically – or being banned altogether – even if the search engine optimization tactics aren’t currently banned by search engines.

More Questions People Ask About White Hat SEO

Is White Hat SEO “Illegal”?

Believe it or not, there actually are no SEO techniques that are truly “illegal.” While laws vary by country and municipality, in order for any SEO strategies to be considered against the law, they would probably need to be done in conjunction with some other illegal activity.

Please note that the above is not actual legal advice. Please get connected with local legal counsel if you have any questions about the legality of your SEO campaign.

All of that said, these tactics are generally accepted to be the safest practices for SEO success, so you should not participate in “white hat” strategies with any fear of legal repurcussion.

What Are The Benefits Of White Hat SEO?

The benefits of using these types of strategies are numerous.

  • Creating permanent rankings and visibility that withstand algorithm changes.
  • Community building with your target audience
  • Reputation building
  • Money savings on “flavor of the month” link building tactics.
  • Increased comfort with sharing your tactics with executives, clients, and leadership.

What Is A White Hat SEO Strategies And Techniques?

These strategies and techniques are done using only approaches that are completely above board and accepted by the Search Engines.

What Are White Hat SEO Backlinks?

To put it as simply as possible, these types of backlinks are ones that are earned as opposed to influenced or purchased. Link building tactics like community building, press release submissions, social media updates, guest post contributions, and more.

Why Is This Better Than Black Hat?

The opposite of the lighter colored tactics, black hat SEO tactics are (attempted) ways of tricking the Search Engines to get better rankings for a website.

If not immediately, using black hat methods will eventually get your site drastically lower rankings or banned from the search engines altogether. While there are completely legal and ethical techniques you can use to improve rankings, if you design and market a website mostly for humans and not for the search engines’ Spiders, you should be okay.

Is Cloaking One Of These Techniques?

No. We have more information on cloaking here, but understand that cloaking is commonly considered a technique of the “black hat” variety – not white hat.

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