Google Teams with Swedish Post Could USPS Be Next

Google Teams with Swedish Post; Could USPS Be Next?

By Justin Seibert| 2 Min Read | December 2, 2010

I was reading newspapers from around Sweden like I do every morning (okay, maybe it was just this tweet), when I stumbled across this news that surprised me, yet makes a ton of sense.  One could even throw in the adjective “synergistic” if one had no decorum regarding businesses murdering the English language.  From Ekonomi:

Posten och Google förenar sina varumärken för att nå ut till landets småföretagare. På en timme ska en småföretagare kunna sjösätta en kampanj med reklam som träffar deras målgrupp både i brevlådan och på nätet. Det är målsättningen när ett samarbete lanseras i dag.

For those of our readers not versed in Swedlish – that’s what they speak over there, right?  – here’s a translated version:

By combining their services to the Post and Google offer a package that allows small business owners define an area for direct-distributed advertising through Google Maps. direct-distributed advertising through Google Maps. By pre-made templates, you can use their own material item, press and distribute in the area of your choice. The next step is to then buy keywords that allow ads with a link to your own website show up in searches on the web. Also online you can do geographic restrictions on which computers ad to appear.

By combining its brands and combine the availability of 4.3 million mailboxes and 25 million searches made on the web from Sweden every day, hopes to capture new customers to the services they already have. Direct mail is a familiar medium to small businesses. Direct mail is a familiar medium to small businesses. Buying the keywords you are less familiar with.

Many people are interested in an online presence, but there are only a few percent of Sweden’s 500 000 small businesses that use keywords in their marketing, says Google’s Country Manager Sweden Stina Honkamaa.

Now here’s the really interesting part of the article:

– Sweden becomes the first of this cooperation, but if successful can we safely to other countries as well.

Could the U.S. be next?  Might make sense for a postal service immensely struggling with operational budgets.

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