Ding Dong, Google Tags are Dead

By Justin Seibert| 3 Min Read | May 3, 2011

Yes, in case you missed us warning you earlier on facebook, Google Tags died on April 29th. Or, to use Google Places’ terminology, “retired.”  That sounds much nicer, doesn’t it?  Unless, it’s a nightmare retirement home like Toy Story 3’s Sunnyside Day Care!

A silver lining – local and small businesses using Tags got April for free, so that’s $25 back in your pocket.  Download your performance data now, because that’s going away May 31st.  Billing histories go away 2 months later, so let your accounting department know.

Anyway, here’s the official email to Tags users with (of course) a coupon to try out Boost:

Dear Google Places user,

This notice is to remind you that we have retired Google Tags for all users as of April 29, 2011. No action is required on your part, and your Places account and listing will continue to work as usual. All active tags were free for the month of April, and March was the last billing month for active customers.

In your Places account, you’ll be able to see billing history until July 31st. Historical performance data will be available in your dashboard until May 31st. If you’d like to keep the data for your records, we recommend you sign in to your account and record the information you need.

You can visit our blog post and our Help Center for more information. There are still a number of options for you to reach more customers online, including our latest product for local businesses, Google Boost. Through the month of May, we are offering Tags customers like you $100 to try out Google Boost. Call 877-503-0841 Monday to Friday 8am-6pm to redeem your credit.

Thank you for trying Google Tags.

The Google Places Team

© 2011 Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043

You have received this mandatory email service announcement to update you about important changes to your Google Places product or account.

Boost Offer Terms & Conditions: Promotional credit is only valid when signing up as a new Google Boost advertiser. Promotional credit allows for $100.00 of free Google Boost advertising. This credit can be spent on 1 Boost advertising campaign per new advertiser. Advertisers will be automatically charged for advertising that exceeds the promotional credit. Promotional credit will be applied to customer’s designated AdWords account within 30 days. Google Boost ads are subject to ad approval, valid registration and acceptance of the Google Places and Google Boost program terms and conditions. Offer void where prohibited by law. Offer expires May 31, 2011. The promotional credit may not be sold or bartered. The offer may be revoked before acceptance at any time for any reason by Google Inc.

© 2010 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Googbye, Google Tags. We hardly knew ye.

To get more information on this topic, contact us today for a free consultation or learn more about our status as a Google Premier Partner before you reach out.

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