Growing Up and Moving On

By DOM Team| 2 Min Read | July 18, 2007

It dawned on me this morning that it’s the summer holidays. As a kid you never used to forget these things. Holidays, birthdays and Christmas were genetically imprinted in the same way birds have that odd ability to fly across the globe to take it easy when the weather gets cooler and salmon swim relentlessly upstream to spawn.

It is your raison d’etre as a child. In fact, I still remember every single holiday however small or large you were afforded while you were at school. It wasn’t until you started seeing the careers people at around 14 that a fearful realisation started to flourish about leaving school and becoming a big boy – your holiday allotment was going to be decimated once you hit the outside world.

From something around ten weeks a year, you’d be lucky if you ever saw two again – unless you became a teacher.

Never in a million years did you think at that age you’d ever get used to that particular change. It just seemed too harsh a price to pay just to move into the big wide world.

You could also never understand how adults could cross their legs, fall asleep in a chair, eat olives, or drink dirty beer.

And there’s many a business type I’ve spoken to in the big wide world who’s just as apprehensive and befuddled about the world wide web.

They think it’s a kid’s game.

They haven’t a clue how it works.

They’re too set in their ways to start learning the ways of the web.

Absolute poppycock. There isn’t a business on this planet that couldn’t leverage the web to raise awareness, generate quality leads, and increase sales.

There also isn’t a business within a 250 mile radius of Pittsburgh that wouldn’t benefit from spending a day at the Online Marketing: Innovations that Work Conference that’s being held on August 16th at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Every now and then we all need as pleasant a transition as possible into the things we aren’t too sure about. And, once you realise the water’s fine, all is well with the world.

After all, I’m typing this half asleep in a chair with my legs crossed, quaffing ale and juggling olives.

And I don’t miss my school holidays one iota.

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