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Higher Education Marketing: Maximize Student Recruitment with Facebook Ads [FREE EBOOK]

By DOM Team| 4 Min Read | February 5, 2019
A free ebook demonstrating how to maximize student recruitment with Facebook Ads

The realm of higher education marketing is just as competitive as—if not more so than—any other industry.

If your college, university, or institution isn’t keeping up with the Joneses, it’s probably falling short of its marketing goals.

DOM is proud to announce our latest ebook, “The Definitive Guide To Facebook Advertising For Higher Education.” This in-depth resource dives into solving Facebook ad problems for college and university program marketers.

Free Download: The Definitive Guide to Facebook Ads for Higher Education

Few debate the value of Facebook ads, but you may be skeptical as to why Facebook is so good in comparison to other social platforms. With over two billion active users, its robust advertising capabilities make it the perfect marketing tool. The power to leverage precise data to increase enrollment to a Master’s or undergraduate program is simply huge. 

Our guide helps colleges and universities discover new, engaged audiences and present them with educational opportunities which align with their interests. It allows programs—big and small—to compete on a regional and national scale.

Higher Education Marketing Essentials – What You Get

Higher education marketers are under pressure to increase enrollment in an ever more competitive advertising world. Through Facebook ads, marketers find the tools that help them achieve those goals.

DOM’s “The Definitive Guide To Facebook Advertising For Higher Education” helps marketers realize the potential of Facebook’s ad platform tools and deploy them in a way that increases ROI. Let’s have a look at what tools and concepts you’ll learn about in this ebook. 

Target And Build An Audience

You know your program benefits people interested in higher education.

It can change lives by increasing someone’s value and worth.

But how do you tell them about this life-changing opportunity if you can’t find them?

“The Definitive Guide To Facebook Advertising For Higher Education” breaks down exactly how you will target a specific, receptive audience and scale that targeting out into ROI-producing ads.

You will learn how to blend location, demographics, education level, and interest filters to build out a precise audience of people who want to learn more about your educational programs.

You know who will benefit from your programs; DOM’s guide helps you discover them and market directly to them.

Create The Perfect Ad

Once you’ve followed DOM’s authoritative higher education marketing guide outline to build a precisely interested audience, the result will be a group of people excited to learn more about your program.

This means you will need to create enticing ads.

What type of ads?

Ads that convey the brand message of your program.

Ads that stand out.

Ads that convert leads.

Both Facebook and Instagram offer many ad-creation options; after reading our guide, you can determine which type(s) will best serve your program’s goals.

Connect With Video Ads

Video engages people on a more intimate level than any other marketing medium around.

It tells a story.

It connects with people.

It builds a relationship.

It drives leads.

Higher education marketers are relying on video ads to convey their story to interested audiences more and more each day. This guide simplifies how to run powerful video messages for your target audiences and how to capture leads.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

“The Definitive Guide To Facebook Advertising For Higher Education” helps marketers by simplifying an otherwise complex undertaking. It allows colleges and universities to compete for market share. It assists educational programs by making personal connections with those people who can benefit from them.

Get started now. It’s a free download.

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