How Do You Create a New Brand Identity for Your Existing Business?

By C-L Team| 4 Min Read | January 15, 2019
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You are an expert at what you do, which is why you are in business. When it comes to helping businesses create new brand identities, we’re experts at what we do. And if you’ve started thinking it’s about time to update your brand so you can better showcase what you do, that’s where we come in. You don’t have to be an expert in everything. Let us walk you through the basics of creating a new brand identity.
Your brand is your company, distilled. It’s made up of the colors, fonts, and design elements you select. It’s your logo, slogan, and content; your website, packaging, and business cards. It’s everything that has to do with how your brand looks, feels, and how it motivates your potential customers. Your brand identity is what draws people into your business and keeps them there.

Here are a few steps we recommend when creating a new brand identity:

Audit of Your Current Brand’s Effectiveness

When you want to create a new brand identity, the best place to start is with an audit of your current branding. Does it reflect your company’s values and voice? Does the visual design work with the rest of the strategy? With an audit you can uncover what is working well (backed by real metrics), so you aren’t overhauling existing elements of your current brand identity that can and should be rolled into your rebrand.

Learn from Your Competitors and Target Audience

You will want to conduct outside research while creating a brand identity. In this case, you should be looking at both your audience and your competition. You should be aware of your ideal demographic when it comes to customers, and aware of how your branding is, or is not, speaking to that audience. If you’re attracting the wrong kind of customers, or want to expand your client base, your brand identity should be your weapon of choice. It is the same when it comes to your competition. Having a firm grasp on what they are doing, how it is similar to your plan, and what makes you stand out is vital in developing your brand strategy to keep up with the changing times.

Reestablish Your Value Proposition and Brand Messaging

Part of your branding strategy is your value proposition, or what makes your company different and better than others. So, with research under your belt, you can establish your new value proposition and brand messaging. You will want to land on something that is distinctive but will continue to work for your business in the future. If it’s too specific, you might find yourself needing to make constant changes; too generic and your company will be just another small fish in a sea of competitors.

Bring it All Together and Create a New Style Guide

Think about the message you want to send. The way to help your brand stand out among the competition is to develop a unique style guide. This is the guide that your company uses to ensure that your branding is consistent and cohesive throughout every choice and every material your clients and stakeholders see. It keeps your branding clear and undiluted so that all of the hard work of developing a strong brand identity continues to pay off.
You know your business and you know it well. We have the experience and know-how to help you create a successful brand strategy and promote your brand to get the results you’re looking for. Download our branding ebook or get in touch with us to learn more about creating a fantastic brand identity.

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