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“But Justin, how do you know where I live?” you ask. I don’t and I don’t need to. Like you want me popping over for a cup of sugar anyway.

A couple weeks ago, I read a commentary by the editor of my town’s local paper. In it, he correctly pointed out that town residents should support local businesses. He, and readers in subsequent letters to the editor, pointed to one specific *problem*: the Internet.

Now before I get into my response, let me give you a little background on where I live and work.

Wheeling, WV used to be a very prosperous town, one that rivaled Pittsburgh, PA when both were booming like the Silicon Valley of the 1990s. For the past half-century, it’s been on a downward trend, however. Reasons are many, including a declining population, industrial shifts, and an unfriendly business environment.

There’s nothing wrong with Wheeling itself, though. It’s a great place to raise a family and there are many attractions: a quality symphony, a minor league hockey team, a tremendous park system, incredible cultural and natural events, a forthcoming amusement park, friendly people, and much more. And there are signs that Wheeling’s turning the corner with new businesses coming into town, including everyone’s favorite online marketing firm.

Some details vary, but it probably doesn’t sound a whole lot different from the town that you are from or live in. Lots of good stuff, but not where it has the potential to be.

Fast forward to my response. Obviously I have a stake in not letting bashes to the Internet go unanswered as the owner of an Internet marketing firm. But just as important, I would like to see it and other cities and towns reach their potentials.

And with the marketing opportunities the Internet affords businesses, there’s no reason they can’t. Just today I was speaking with a business owner who wants to emulate a Montana business with no brick and mortar storefront that does millions on the Internet each year and is considered a leader in its (traditional) industry.

Click here to read my letter to the editor. I give them a lot of credit for printing it and am grateful that they did. Hopefully more businesses, local government, and residents will realize all the money they can bring in from outside sources simply by marketing effectively over the Internet.

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