How to Choose the Best Strategic Marketing Agency

By Janice Masters| 3 Min Read | February 18, 2020
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When you’re setting out into the world of strategic marketing, selecting the right agency partner, whether you are looking to outsource your entire marketing or specific pieces of a plan, is critical. An agency needs to be a good fit with your company, blend well with your values and culture, and be able to understand your vision and execute ideas with transparency and purpose. It can be a challenging process to sort through the mix and choose the best and most authentic team to lead your company to marketing success. 

So before you set out to sign a contract, read on to learn more about how to choose the appropriate strategic marketing partner. 

Communicate Your Needs

Knowing what you need and communicating your goals is the first step to finding the right agency partner. Your marketing needs can vary from upgrading your website and SEO to improving your social media campaigns with high-quality graphics and digital advertising. When you know your needs upfront, you can find a partner that specializes in those areas. 

Next, you need to be clear about your budget – set a reasonable budget and discuss with your chosen agency about spending and where you can or cannot be flexible.

Check Their References

Before settling on a specific agency, ensure they are clear and transparent with their customers. Check their website, the listing of services, client portfolio, bios–and most importantly, verify their customer reviews. Don’t be afraid to ask for references from customers that are similar in size, industry, or the scope of services needed. 

Focus on the Right Fit

A marketing agency that focuses on design is more suitable when you have a goal of being more creative. However, if you need immediate ROI and want to work on your conversion rates, a faster-paced agency that understands lead generation might be your best bet. While you’ll want the right technical fit, don’t silo an agency based on one skill alone. You’ll need an agency that can demonstrate they are well-versed in multiple skillsets, so multiple pieces of your strategy can work in tandem. 

Align Your Mission and Values

The right marketing agency will work to develop an in-depth understanding of your mission and long-term goals. They are determined and passionate about creating a brand image for your business that shows your customers exactly who you are. That should come through in their proposal, their communications with you and your team, and in the work they showcase. 

Selecting the right marketing agency can be a challenging process, especially since there is a sea of companies out there. Transparency, credibility, and creating synergy with your vision and mission are all signs of a good marketing agency. Above all, it’s important to choose an agency that will do the best job based on your needs, so you can be confident you’ll get a strong return on your investment.

That’s where C-leveled comes in. We’re proud of a dedicated team that is focused on fulfilling every client need and achieving success. When it comes to generating business, driving revenue, and building long-standing relationships, we’re experts. Contact us anytime to discuss strategic marketing questions and best practices, or to talk about how we can work together to achieve your goals.

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