How to Rebrand Without Losing Customers

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When you start moving forward with a rebrand, the time, resources, and planning involved make it easy to lose sight of what should be most important—your customers. Here’s how you can implement a strong rebranding strategy that ensures your customers’ needs and wants are at the forefront of the process.

Understand Your Rebranding Motivation

Rebranding isn’t as simple as changing the color of your logo. It’s a serious undertaking for your company, so understanding the why behind rebranding is vital. Living and breathing your reasoning will get and keep your customers on board—because your rebranding strategy will be serving them. When introducing the rebrand to your customers, you will be able to explain why it’s happening and how it will benefit them.

Craft a Comprehensive Rebranding Strategy

By now, you know very well that rebranding is a complex undertaking requiring a lot of thought and planning. If you take your time to do it right, it will pay off in the long run.

Creating a solid plan allows you to think ahead and anticipate concerns from every type of stakeholder — from internal staff, to media, board members, and of course, your customers. When you have strategized every step of the rebranding process, you will find that it’s easier to satisfy everyone’s concerns and you will also be in a position to develop strong messaging around how and why your brand changing. Knowing in advance what might concern or scare customers away gives you the insight you need to provide reassurance and keep your rebrand meaningful.

Bring Everyone on Board

Make sure every stakeholder is on board from the start. You have built your business on brand loyalty, and so you need to show why a rebranding campaign is necessary based on research and customer input.

Surveying your customers is a great way to understand what they like and dislike about your existing brand. With this information, you can develop an angle to present those findings to your board and other stakeholders. This is a win-win, because while you get everyone’s buy-in based on customer research and feedback, it also keeps your customers involved and puts their input at the forefront throughout the rebranding process.

Businesses are often, and understandably, afraid making changes that will drive away customers—especially when it comes to changing their brand. If you’re considering a company rebrand but you’re concerned about losing your customers, we can help. Download our free ebook, The Strategic Guide to Rebranding Success, and contact us to get started with a free brand consultation. We’ll evaluate where you are, and where you have the potential to go without alienating your customer base.

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