How to Use Twitter Hashtags Effectively For Business

By C-L Team| 4 Min Read | June 11, 2020
How to Use Hashtags for Business | Twitter and X Hashtags for Business | Block Diagram of Social Network

If you are diving into this article, we are assuming your business already has a Twitter profile. Now it’s time to start using hashtags as an integral part of your social media marketing strategy.

If you are unaware of what hashtags are, let us backtrack a bit. A hashtag uses the number sign (#) as a dedicated symbol. You can use it in combination with a phrase or word to perform various functions on Twitter, such as searching, categorization tool, or as a marketing and branding tactic.

Five Ways to Use Twitter Hashtag Effectively For Your Business

Now that you know the basic concept behind hashtags let’s get started. Here are five ways to apply a hashtag effectively to your Tweets.

1. Seek Conversations Specific to Your Business

The most important thing you can do with Twitter is to learn from others. Search for hashtags such as #smallbiz or #SMB for resources, advice, and news updates for small businesses. If you are looking for business-specific conversations, you can narrow down your hashtags by topics.

The #marketing hashtag contains a lot of branding and marketing strategy related content. Likewise, #entrepreneurs and #startups will take you to the inspirational profile of leaders in the market. Try the hashtag #networking for meetups and making new connections.

2. Keep it Consistent and Simple

When you are crafting your hashtag for your tweet, remember to keep a few things in mind. Keep it direct and straightforward; do not create complicated or lengthy hashtags. For example, pair your tweet with #apps and #SmallBiz instead of #SmallBusinessToolsandApps.

Secondly, do not overuse too many hashtags in your tweet. Be precise, the more hashtags you will use, the more diluted your message could become. 

3. Create Your Own Hashtag

Both small and large brands create their own branded hashtags for various reasons. These hashtags are an excellent way to generate interest in your marketing campaigns. Another option is to use Twitter to launch a contest, which is another way to generate brand awareness and engage with your audience. You can ask users to submit their entries by using a specific hashtag.

You can even promote your events online by using your brand hashtags. For example, MMA fighting Championship uses #MMAChampsionship or CES 2020 might use #CES2020.

4. Organize Social Dashboards

If you are using a third-party management tool, you can designate feeds within your Twitter social dashboard, which is a convenient way to stay updated with relevant hashtags. Whether you use TweetDeck or HootSuite, they can help you establish these feeds for each of your social networks, hashtags, or Twitter lists.

5. Take Advantage of Follow Friday

The Follow Friday hashtag, #FollowFriday, is an excellent excuse for your business to get involved in the conversations on Twitter and get your brand’s name out there. You can write this tweet in two ways.

First, create a list of influential users to follow and add their Twitter handles to your tweet with a hashtag #FF or #FollowFriday. This can be a list of scientists, chefs, actors – it all depends on what makes sense for your industry. Another way is to use a personal approach to only promote one or two people using a #FF hashtag. This strategy is helpful when you would like to thank your newest followers.

Now that you know how hashtags for Twitter can help your business, keep your tweets in line with the communal Twitter spirit. Share your brand and add value to this prestigious community. Don’t be afraid to test new hashtags until you find the right mix for your business. If you need more help creating a brand strategy for Twitter, reach out to our team.

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