It’s Good to Talk

By DOM Team| 2 Min Read | December 3, 2007

I’ve been imagining you all this past couple of weeks frantically opening your bookmarks or feed reader in squeaky anticipation of either a new blog or at least a new post. You could be forgiven in your bleary and teary-eyed state after a weekend of gargantuan proportions of wondering what the devil we’ve actually done. Did you really wait all this time and listen to a host of lame excuses to be affronted by a blog that’s nearly identical?

Ah, but the subtlety is where its genius lies. On the face of it, I’ll admit, there does seem to be an air of a soap powder re-launch with nothing other than an announcement of it being 23% bigger, or with newly added [insert bogus scientific term]. However, what we’ve actually done is move our digital marketing blog over to WordPress. This meant we required a theme creating for the new blog and I think a splendid job has been done. It’s almost seamless.

And that’s lesson number one regarding blog integration to an existing site – MAKE IT LOOK SEAMLESS – or at least appear similar to your existing Website.

You’ll also notice that we’ve finally got comments enabled, so please feel free to bombard us with all that pent up frustration/love you’ve been wanting to share over the past year or so.

Then again, I suppose the switch-over has been timed rather nicely in conjunction with a good little piece in Sunday’s Charleston Gazette entitled Blogging for Dollars in which we get more than a tidy mention and I get to spout more of my blogging zen for the masses. Which is nice considering I probably bored the writer in question with my byzantine waffling in my email reply to her probing questions.

So, enjoy the article, enjoy the new blog and feel free to say what you’ve always wanted to say but were always unable to ask because we didn’t have comments enabled.

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