Google’s ‘June 2019 Core Update’ Just Started (Here’s What We Know So Far)

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google's june19 core update underway

Google is updating it’s search engine algorithm this morning, according to an announcement per the company. Monday’s Google algorithm update will serve as a core algorightm update. Google is calling the change, “June 2019 Core Update.”

While the algorithm’s name is far from clever, the announcement marks a change in the way Google handles search algorithm updates. Every few months, Google performs core updates to it’s search algorithm. But typically these core udpates are discovered by site owners monitoring their rankings and traffic. In this case, Google got ahead of site owner speculation by announcing the change 24 hours prior.

Danny Sullivan, Google’s public search liason, said that Google’s altered PR approach to this core update does not signify a more robust change.

As for the exact time the June 2019 Core Update will trigger, that remains unknown. What I can say is that DOM’s search traffic is experiencing a soft bump this morning. Such information won’t be meaningful until we can detect a sustained traffic trend in either direction. But so far, so good.

We can’t speculate on what June 2019 Core Update’s impacts will be, however, we can safely surmise it will continue to reward strong content marketing efforts. Google search still relies heavily on authoritative backlinks and informative content.

Aside from today’s June 2019 Core Update, Google is also embroiled in a potential DOJ anti-trust case. The effort to reel in Google’s alleged monopoly could result in a bipartisan investigation. Google has a history of quelling government concerns over it’s business practices, mainly by making preemptive changes.  The magnitude of an anti-trust investigation into Google, Amazon, and Apple, could have resounding effects across consumer and digital marketing platforms.

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