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One of the great things about running your own company is liability insurance. It’s fun to research, fun to pay, and if you could put snoothie-fy in a blender with some crushed ice and mangos, I’m sure it would be fun to drink, too.

I don’t like begging in private and certainly not publicly on the Direct Online Marketing™ blog. But sometimes you have to rise above principles.

Of all people out there, certainly I realize that people by and large don’t understand internet marketing. I talk to intelligent, successful business owners and management every day that don’t. So I shouldn’t be surprised that insurance carriers don’t either.

So, here’s my open plea for liability insurance carriers everywhere to let me speak with you for an hour and explain our business. Allow me to parallel from my favorite book, To Kill a Mockingbird.

Right now, insurance carriers are like Jem and Scout at the beginning of the book. They hear the word “internet” (Boo Radley) and they get scared. But once they get to know him, they realize that he’s not so much different from them and he’s a really good person.

So, because insurance carriers right now think internet marketing is evil and creepy, they either won’t offer companies that specialize in it coverage or jack rates up incredibly high. I get it, the world’s smartest insurer, Warren Buffett, won’t buy companies he doesn’t understand.

So let me educate you all about online marketing. Call me at 1-800-979-3177 for a free tutorial. I’ll even tell you if we can help make you money.

While I often point out how internet marketing differs from other forms of advertising (accountable, allows better testing, easier to target, better lead generator), I’m also quick to note that, at its base, it’s not some fancy new technology that changes the way of the world. That’s how stock owners got in trouble a few years back.

Online marketing merely takes the best principles of older types of advertising and puts them on a platform that allows businesses to instantaneously reach targeted, interested parties.

So, don’t be scared insurers of America. The water’s fine. Learn what we’re about and keep our insurance premiums down. Pretty please.

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