More Analytics: The LinkedIn Follower Statistics Section

By DOM Team| 1 Min Read | July 13, 2012
The LinkedIn Follower Statistics Section

We already have analytics for search and advertising, YouTube, and Facebook, so it makes sense that LinkedIn would develop their own on-site dashboard that displays follower statistics. Along with basic data like the number of followers, total impressions, and updates, LinkedIn provides more specific follower demographics, including seniority, industry, region, company size, and more. In short, it’s a basic chart that sums up the information you’d normally have to get by using filters and a calculator.


The Data LinkedIn Follower Stats Gives You


All of the charts bear a resemblance to those in Google Analytics and some provide month-by-month statistics. Want to know how many new followers your company acquired in September 2011 or how your number of followers has changed over the past year? It’s all there.

Overall, the LinkedIn Follower Statistics section is yet another way for companies to monitor how successfully they’re engaging with people through social media. Of course, this shouldn’t be the only monitoring tool you use, but LinkedIn’s colorful charts provide high-level, easy-to-digest data to supplement your other measurement efforts.

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