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We’ve been absolutely crushed here as Paul alluded to earlier. Hence no posts from me in a couple weeks. But don’t cry for me, Argentina. Especially not now as we brought in some more help.

Without further ado, meet Derrick McKee, who joins us as a Search Marketing Specialist. The following are fun facts I’ve been able to glean about Derrick interspersed with complete lies, ala Bill Brasky. You may ask Derrick which is which if you care.

New Search Marketing Specialist Quiz: Fact or Fiction

Derrick holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s from West Virginia University.

He completed the 2007 Ironman Triathalon on a tricycle…including the swimming leg.

He’s currently reading Seth Godin’s Meatball Sundae.

In his spare time he runs a successful record label, Navway Records.

His search engine optimization skills once foiled an assassination attempt on President McKinley’s life.

Derrick won the West Virginia Open for Business Plan Competition by McGyvering a car out of nothing but cheese puffs and puff adders.

He was born and raised in Wheeling, WV and decided to move back here after receiving his Master’s.

He joined OVConnect before applying for a job here, so it wasn’t just to suck up to his new boss.

Roger Clemens, in a fit of roid rage, once threw a broken bat at Derrick during a World Series at-bat.

He refuses to log into Yahoo! Search Marketing or Google AdWords unless he’s wearing a toga and singing the Dora the Explorer theme song. No such rituals for Microsoft adCenter, however.

PS – Don’t tell him about this post; he might reconsider his new position.

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