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Last week you read about the tonnage of ads ABC subjected you to during the Rose Bowl. Well, Mike Harding subjected himself to the horror again and documented advertising spots during last weekend’s Colts-Chiefs game.

I don’t have much more to say about it than I did during the Rose bowl, but am posting this so you can read more if you liked his last study.

By the way, just a policy note. For most of my links, I’m just sending you to a place where you can learn more. If I go into the information in more detail, like I am with Mike’s study, I consider that a recommendation. And for all recommendations, I’ll do my best to disclose whether I have a personal or corporate stake in the person / service / business / Web site.

In this case, I have none. I don’t know Mike from Adam. I just think he did a really bang-up job on some interesting information (for no pay) and think it’s worth suggesting the read.

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