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Ditch your old Google AdWords coupons for new accounts because they’ll expire on September 30, 2012.

Everyone loves free money, especially when it comes to test-driving a new advertising platform. It enables the advertiser to try the platform with no-risk. It’s no secret that Google AdWords will give new advertisers coupon to entice them to try their platform. While the marketer still needs a credit card in order to sign-up, the coupon was expended before the credit card was billed. This made it easy for advertisers to sign up, try the platform and pause the account (if they wanted) before they were even billed.

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What the Switch Means to New AdWords Advertisers

To limit the number of advertisers who are simply using the coupons, and not actually incurring any costs, Google AdWords is changing their coupon structure. Now, coupons can be redeemed after the advertiser has spent $25 with AdWords. In an email we received from Google Engage, they state that the account will be credited the $100 within five days of reaching the $25 minimum. Same as before, this credit will appear under the billing tab. Promo codes will still need to be entered…this is not an automatic credit for each new account.

In addition, once the coupon has been entered, the account has to reach the $25 minimum within 31 days. Keep in mind that a “new account” is one that is less than 14-days old. Therefore, the coupon must be entered within the first 14 days of opening the account and reach $25 in advertising costs within the first 31 days. Accounts can still be paused after the coupon has been redeemed, so in essence, they can spend $25 in order to get $100 in advertising free.

Got it?

If you’re an agency and you have any coupons lying around, they’re only good through September 30, 2012. You have three days left to use them, but don’t fret; you can still get coupons through Google Engage to help hook those new clients. You’ll just need a new batch of promo codes starting next month.

What do you think of the new change? Do you think it will cut down on the advertisers who potentially account-hop in order to get free advertising or is it just a ploy for Google to make more money? We think that regardless of Google’s intention, it’s a smart move. If done properly, clients could get good traffic for $25….have you researched video ads or product listing ads? They’re super cheap! And, with the expertise of a great agency, the $25 can go far and the $100 coupon will help the client see the true benefits of Google AdWords (in most cases). Then, with any luck at all, you’ve got a new client for life.

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