Out with the old and in with the new?

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As first days in new jobs go, it was not only steady but remotely eventful to boot. A mere hour and a half into the morning and I was whisked away with Sarah to make Justin look good as he took part in a video press conference to launch a new statewide economic initiative – “Create West Virginia”. It was awfully nice of him to point to me as an example of the type of talent West Virginia was trying to attract during his 90 second spiel that found itself broadcast on various West Virginian news channels across the state.

Acquiring, fostering and retaining talent are problems facing many communities and areas, not only in West Virginia but worldwide. However, that’s a debate for another day. One thing I’ve always found an intriguing challenge and had a modicum of success in achieving is melding old industry and new media, having increased turnover for a hand-skills only sheet metal shop by utilizing a blog and other facets of new media.

It isn’t difficult to coordinate a concerted online effort for any business however young or old. One of the things that attracted me to Direct Online Marketing™ initially was that they dealt with several industrial clients. And, having driven from Wheeling down through Bethlehem and its surrounding areas there’s even more industry than I originally credited. Driving past antiquated foundries and hurtling past coal barges chugging along the Ohio River are just part of the backdrop round here.

The idea of old foundries embracing new technology may sound ridiculous to some – it may even sound ridiculous to those in the foundry itself or to those forging ahead with new economic initiatives; but, it doesn’t sound ridiculous to me or to anyone else here at Direct Online Marketing™.

The internet doesn’t favor one business over another or one industry type over another. All any business can ask is that they can be found when searched for and generate some decent targeted leads.

And that is our collective talent here at Direct Online Marketing™.

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