Rebrand or Brand Refresh? Which is Better for Your Business?

By Denise DeSimone| 3 Min Read | January 9, 2019
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Rebrand or refresh? Either way, you get a newer image for your business and the opportunity to examine what’s working and what needs to change. Each strategy has varying approaches, levels of commitment, and resources required. Inevitably, they could also have different results.
When it comes to deciding whether you need a brand refresh or a complete rebrand, you can think about it like this — a brand refresh is putting some extra shine and polish on your existing branding, while a rebrand is a complete makeover of your image. To help you make your decision, it’s best to begin at the end and think about your desired result as your starting off point.

Choosing a Brand Refresh

Perhaps after a review of your existing materials, you are not quite at the point where you need to fully rebrand. A brand refresh can be an appealing option, and a simple, less intensive way to test the waters with an updated image. A refresh builds on what you already have, so, if you are going this route, you will need to have confidence that your brand can still stand on its own.
Some companies find that a brand refresh turns out to be the first step in a full rebranding strategy. Once you see how tightened messaging and corporate identity work in your favor, you may wish to move forward in stripping your brand down to its basics and rebuilding it completely with decisions that better reflect your company today.

When and Why a Rebrand is a Better Step

Maybe you have been telling yourself that your business is still doing okay, or that your customers are still attracted to some of your outdated materials because it has been working in the past. But if you find yourself cringing at the thought of passing out your business cards or if you try to avoid directing people to your website, if you’re losing clients, or if you have to explain and re-explain what your business does for potential clients, you are very likely at the point where a rebrand makes sense.
Markets will always shift, and so demographics and targets change too. Your branding has to evolve along with your industry and your customer base if you want the business to grow.
Rebranding lets you get back to the heart of what makes your business work while tailoring the corporate image to be more modern and compelling. Do it right, and you’ll soon be reaping the rewards.

What to do Next

At C-leveled, we have harnessed the power of rebranding and understand its potential for businesses like yours. As an agency with the experience you need to succeed, we’ll guide your organization through the rebranding process so you come out on top, leveraging everything that works and replacing the rest with modern, tailored solutions.

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