SES New York: Speaking at Blogging for Business Session (Take 2)


I never got round to filling you in as to what went down at SES Chicago, did I?

Not that you remember nor care I suppose.

Well it went alright if truth be told. I even enjoyed the slight distraction mid-presentation of somebody clearing the garbage bins then opening the roller shutter door.

Not since Oscar the Grouch had a lady grouch round has so much clattering and banging gone on unabated.

Oscar the Grouch

Although I doubt we’ll see a repeat of that at SES New York seeming the Blogging for Business session is being held in the Grand Ballroom of the New York Hilton – unless I get Steve Wozniak to help explain my presentation via the medium of interpretive dance:


Anyway, the line-up has been expanded this time:

  • Jennifer Evans Laycock, Director of Social Media, SiteLogic
  • Michael Gray, Owner, Atlas Web Service
  • Lee Odden, CEO, TopRank Online Marketing
  • Paul Woodhouse, Director of Organic Web Strategies, Direct Online Marketing

Should be fun. 😉

And whilst we’re at it I might as well direct you to our Internet Marketing Speakers page if you’re interested in either Justin or myself speaking at your event.

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