A Bit of Fry, Laurie, WP7 & Enterprise Enjoyment. No, Really.

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Now you all know House is English, right? No, not the program but the doddering doctor played by Hugh Laurie.

Back in the day, Hugh had a show with a certain Mr. Stephen Fry doing comedy skits. From there they moved onto other ‘amusing vehicles’ such as Jeeves & Wooster as well as appearing in all four series of Blackadder. More often than not, Laurie was cast as an upper class twit with Fry playing the unhinged General Melchett.

So, us English types remember Hugh Laurie more along these lines:

As America has taken Hugh Laurie to their collective hearts, Stephen Fry has become the doyen of Britain’s digerati while remaining the nation’s favourite comedy celibate intellectual.

None of that matters other than padded context, but Monday saw the launch of Windows Phone 7. We don’t need to go into the merits the platform or even what it means for the mobile space. Feel free to share your thoughts though in the comments.

No, our Stephen gave a rather interesting little speech in London about how fun the new phone experience was.

Now it isn’t interesting because he gave it or because of the platform, but because it lays out how you can apply what he says about WP7 to any business and the online experience around them.

Yes, you can make it interesting and fun. In the same way Fry mentions how enjoyable the WP7 experience is, you can create engagement with your visitors that is equally enjoyable regardless of the industry you’re in.

Search and PPC tends to spend a lot of time getting you the leads, which is a fair enough call, but is it ludicrous to expect your site to be a fun/enjoyable place?
Why should corporate enterprise mean seriously dour? It’s quite apparent Microsoft thinks it shouldn’t be. Yes, really:

Disclaimer: I am currently the 97,865th person to slip ‘really’ into a post title in relation to the new WP7 advert thinking it’s a cute little quip.

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