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Google Ads Placement Exclusion List for Google Display Network (updated 2021)

With more than a million websites across the globe, the sheer size of the Google Display Network is one of the main reasons why display… Read More

Facebook Retargeting Custom Audiences and New Call to Action Buttons

January 30, 2014 |   , ,

So we have talked before about Facebook retargeting (or remarketing as Facebook and Google like to call it) and the options available to target audiences.… Read More

Facebook Partner Category Targeting & Retargeting & Action Spec Targeting, Oh My

Raise your hand if you’re a marketer who doesn’t care about targeting the ‘right’ audience, at the ‘right’ time, with the ‘right’ message. Yep, that’s… Read More

Creative Ways to Use Retargeting

December 20, 2011 |   , , , ,

We haven’t talked a lot about retargeting on our digital marketing blog, which is kind of silly given how much we use it in our… Read More

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